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Travel Europe Belgium Finest and romantic Bruges

Finest and romantic Bruges

Bruges, Belgium, De burg square with the City Hall

Bruges is one of the finest and romantic cities of Flanders. Ideal for a weekend away! It's lovely to stay in this medieval town with its many canals, historic churches, almshouses and fine architectural constructed houses. Known is also the scenic Begijnhof, where you can see working lace makers, the famous place called Bruges Lace.
In this ancient trading city you have perfect opportunity to rent a bike to explore. Want the best spots from a different angle you can make also a half hour cruise on the canals.
The main sights and museums are around the lively market square the Burg. And what could be more romantic than dinner by the fireplace in one of the many charming restaurants in medieval cellars? Bruges is ideal for a short weekend break.

Bruges, the capital of West Flanders, is one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval towns in Europe. The historic center is in its entirety on the World Heritage List of UNESCO. In the city many canals are found together with cobbled streets and beautiful facades.
In the 11th century wool was the main industry of Bruges and there were strong trading links with England and Scotland, the manufacturers. English merchants brought Norman grain and Gascon wines to the city.
Late 13th century Bruges was the main connection to the Mediterranean. This trade was not only the spices from the Levant, but also the commercial and financial services. In 1309 the fair was opened and then it became the main money market in the area. In the 16th century waned, however, the importance of Bruges. They came from the Netherlands and Antwerp as a port took on much trade. Bruges fell into a peaceful provincial town.

There is a lot of architecture and art to engage the visitor. The Our Lady has the largest brick tower houses of Europe and a white marble statue of Madonna with Child by Michelangelo.
Bruges is also famous for the 13th-century Belfort, a city carillon with 47 bells. The city still has a whistle blower employed, which also gives recitals. The Holy Blood is one of the other famous churches in the city, with a vial in which the sacred blood of Christ would be. The Groeninge museum has six centuries of Flemish and Belgian paintings, including works by Hans Memling and Jan van Eyck, who lived and worked in Bruges.
Do not forget to visit the parks of this beautiful city and take a canal cruise or simply sit on a terrace to taste one or more of the 350 beers that Belgium is known for. Mussels with Belgian fries and chocolate specialties are also requires your attention.