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Travel Europe Bulgaria Bansko in Bulgaria - a resort not just for skiers

Bansko in Bulgaria - a resort not just for skiers

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The most popular winter resort in Bulgaria - Bansko - is known in Europe for the approximately 60 km of slopes, including all levels of difficulty. Let's find out what a tourist though why not go skiing in Bansko.

5 years ago, in March 2007 mountain town was flooded by rain, flooded with numerous construction companies that put foundations hotels today. Bansko was a huge construction site, except for the historic - the old city center and currently has a unique charm.

With the visit to Gondola going up in minutes at 2300 m, the image changes abruptly resort. From mid-March snow snow cannons refreshed daily reached 50 cm, slopes were spotless and fun at its highest among tourists.

And yet - he can do in Bansko tourist who does not want to necessarily go on the trail? As cover while you have available and what to do in the resort? These questions try to provide more answers.

One alternative is to use plenty of existing spas in hotels - centers offering free indoor or outdoor jacuzzy, Turkish bath, as well as many other facilities. After a week of intensive spas tourists return from holiday tone prosperous and unforgettable memories. Really very good spa can be found at Premier Luxury Mountain Resort hotels with 5 star, Ivan Rilski with 4 stars, Bansko Lucky 4-star, Strazhite 4 stars, Lion also with 4 stars, Perun Lodge 4 star or SPA Bansko & Holiday all 4 stars. A range that covers tastes for all tourists.

Photography lovers have the opportunity to exercise his talent valorizing spectacular landscapes or traditional homes that brought international recognition Bansko.

But gourmets will surely be the most spoiled. They can enjoy every day many traditional taverns commonly referred to as - Mehana. In these taverns can enjoy delicacies that can be found only in Bansko, food is served in a perfectly accompanied by live music every night. The Bansko is known Mehana Molerite - located on the river Glazne - tavern certified since 1792 as a magnet attracts customers through traditional architecture, delicious and unique menu.

Wines of Bulgaria as the Bulgarian Rakia have great quality and are distinguished by their strong aroma, taste and very low tariffs. Upon returning to Romania a bottle of wine is the perfect gift that can be given to your loved ones, wines and Mavrud, No Man's Land, Damianitza, Targoviste Tcherga or Traminer the favorites of tourists. In terms Rakia - Favorite is connoisseurs Burgas 63 - a masterpiece of Bulgaria.

These are just a few leisure opportunities in Bansko, a lively resort that offers customers of all ages exactly what they want.