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Travel Europe Bulgaria Golden Sands resort clean and welcoming

Golden Sands resort clean and welcoming

Golden Sands, Bulgaria, Beach aerial view

Hospitable hoteliers, resort clean, beautifully designed, quality services and numerous opportunities for leisure are just some of the strengths of this destination.

Golden Sands enjoys an enviable location, being only 18 km from Varna city (third largest city in Bulgaria) and near the Golden Sands National Park.
The resort is considered one of the largest of the northern Black Sea coast. Sandy beaches are large and wooded hills in the background, breaking the monotony broadly.

Experts in the tourism industry know that if you want to sell a destination should have a story. Golden Sands resort is not an exception. Legend says that in times of old pirates hid treasure in these places. But they were punished, and their treasures were transformed in the sand - the famous golden sand where it comes from the name of the resort.

Golden Sands have not some novelty in golden hues, but washed by the same waters of the Black Sea coastal region is certainly clear exactly how it should be.
Those who like large coastal areas found in Golden Sands a beach 3.5 km long and 100 meters wide. Also, the resort has been awarded with the Blue Flag several times as a result of beach quality. Smooth entry into the sea makes it the right destination for families with children.

There are enough places where you can sit on your own beach accessories, but also spaces equipped with lounge chairs and umbrellas. Those who want to get free souvenirs are shells on the beach without having to search too much. For relaxation, there are tents with banquets massage, specially arranged near the water. In tourist peak season you can play water and air sports.
Tourist season covers the period from May to September and the average maximum temperature in summer reaches 30 degrees Celsius, 28 degrees Celsius in water.

The resort is medium size, not quiet the most luxurious and pretentious, but is not a modest resort at which you have to think twice before you go. Promenade meanders along the beach are full of restaurants, shops, hotels and bazaars. Clean, reconditioned, cheering with flowers, but quite narrow promenade is so in full tourist season might be difficult to sneak through the crowd of tourists.
Near one end of the resort is a restaurant built of metal, imitating the Eiffel Tower. Big wheel next to it provides guaranteed fun and a view over the entire region.

Besides cleaning and beautifully landscaped spaces, the resort offers guests already in the first days of summer, leisure opportunities. Families with young children and not only choose a train ride to the resort, whose path crosses the Golden Sands from one end to another, on the promenade. Another way to travel as taxis, which have average prices.

If you go in the season ends you'll find a slightly lower offer in restaurant meals, even those not equipped with all the products presented. A main dish, usually, cost relatively cheap, while fish, seafood and traditional Bulgarian dishes costing a little more. Portions are generous, the food is tasty and the service, impeccable.