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Travel Europe Bulgaria The most impressive destinations in Bulgaria

The most impressive destinations in Bulgaria

Impressive Destinations, Koprivshtitsa, Bulgaria, Monument Georgi Benkovski

Bulgaria is not just other resorts Golden Sands each more attractive. This country offers tourists many impressive sights, neo-Byzantine buildings and Rose Valley.

Rose Valley, Kazanlak

If you are looking for truly special destinations, you can choose the Rose Valley of Kazanlak. Here you go miles between the lines of pink roses, strongly scented that will delight the senses. Rose Valley is an ideal destination for couples in love.

In town you will discover Kazanlak Rose City, and a museum dedicated to flowers, where you can buy fresh sweetness of roses.


Koprivshtitsa is a very old city, but almost intact by Bulgarians who care very much in tradition and history. This is an impressive architectural ensemble, since existing Bulgarian Renaissance. Koprivshtitsa is an area where you can relax completely, especially because it is near the river Topolnita.


Russe is the closest capital city of Romania, the distance being about 70 kilometers. Here you can walk in the old town center and can participate in festivals that occur every summer, but at the end of autumn.

Gourmets are those who will enjoy the most of a visit to Russe. Here you will enjoy excellent food products at competitive prices.


Many tourists backing that Melnik are a romantic city, perfect for a getaway for two. Here you will enjoy peace, hidden alleys, museums and historical centers, which will make you, think you're in another century.

Also in Melnik you will enjoy wine varieties known and appreciated worldwide for their special flavor.


Varna, sea capital of Bulgaria, is a city that currently is an important commercial port (the connection between Dubrovnik, Istanbul and Venice) that was born about 600 years BC if you're in Varna; you can visit the Naval Museum, a museum ship (vessel torpedo Draski).

Boyana Church, Sofia

If you like historical buildings and monuments of medieval Boyana Church in Sofia is a tourist you'll appreciate. The building has been preserved in perfect condition especially that dates from the tenth century. The church is part of World Heritage of Humanity and ranks 42 on the UNESCO list.

If you want to go to church have to pay 5 euros, but if you require additional information, you have to pay a guide.

St. Alexander Nevsky, Sofia

If you get in the Bulgarian capital, St. Alexander Nevsky not misses one of the largest cathedrals in the Balkans. The building architecture is built in Byzantine style, and come here every day thousands of tourists who remain impressed by its magnitude. For this reason, the cathedral is very appreciated by tourists from around the world and is among the most visited tourist spots in Sofia.