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Famous Restaurants in Prague

Famous Prague Restaurants, Prague, Czech Republic, Bellevue Panorama

Prague is one of the most beautiful and popular European cities and is considered a true open air museum. A simple method to discover the metropolis is to take long walks on foot. When you get hungry, choose one of the famous restaurants in Prague, so you get the full cultural experience.

Prague has many good restaurants, which pleasantly impress clients since the entrance. Sumptuous decor, location with panoramic views, exquisite dishes and affordable prices are some of the benefits of these restaurants.

The restaurant Bellevue

Bellevue is one of the top restaurants in Prague. Located in Old Town Bellevue is overlooking the river, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Customers can choose from the menu dishes ranging from foie gras and fish, lamb or duck. Some of the finest wines in the Czech Republic can be found at this restaurant. Prices are situated in the upper grille, and the reservation is mandatory.

Chagall's Restaurant

Chagall's Restaurant is a medium sized restaurant, located in old city center. Chagall's Restaurant is part of the list of best restaurants in Prague thanks to the high quality of food served at affordable prices. The menu is composed of Czech and international dishes made from fresh ingredients, depending on the season. On hot days you can dine outside on the terrace.

Piano Terra Restaurant At Villa Richter

Those who wish to eat at the height can go to Piano Terra At Villa Richter. This is one of the best restaurants in Prague where you can eat, with little money. Housed in a historic building of XIX century, Piano Terra At Villa Richter is on the hill just below Prague Castle, in an area with plantations of grape-vines. From the terrace, customers enjoy a view over the city. Those who eat here have a choice of traditional dishes of Czech and international cuisine.