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5 reasons to visit Estonia

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Estonia is a country in northern Europe less known but very attractive in terms of level of development and modernization. Located between the Gulf of Finland and Lapland, Estonia is known for its capital, Tallinn.

Here are some reasons for you to make a visit to Estonia:

1. Estonia, a developed country

Although with a population and a small area, Estonia is one of the highest levels of education and development in Europe. In a 2006 study, Estonia appears as the freest country in the world. Because Internet accesses everywhere now, here and in the country, Estonia is also called E-Stonia.

2. Tallinn, a city with many advantages

Tallinn is one of the best preserved historical cities in Europe and also one of the most technically developed. Besides the architectural richness, Tallinn also boasts great service and internet communication. Skype Messenger was born here.

3. Attractions in Estonia

Though a small country, Estonia has many places to be seen. Tourists meet these chic coastal towns, picturesque villages, medieval towns, castles, islands, lakes, mountain resorts and more. Active holiday lovers can go hiking on various routes in nature, riding, canoeing, birdwatching, cross-country skiing, etc.

4. Festivals and events

One reason to visit Estonia is the participation in a festival or other event hosted here. "Tallinn Old Town Days" or "Tallinn Maritime Days" are two of the most popular events taking place in the capital. Gourmets can go Grillfest (Festival of Good Food) preparations exposed to taste. Guitar lovers have the chance to participate in Tallinn Guitar Festival, a festival offering performances in various genres of guitar music, from Brazilian jazz and flamenco.

5. Hotels in Estonia

In Estonia, the accommodation offer is very diverse. You stay in a hotel-spa, a guest house or a mansion. There are also campsites, hostels, hotels (including bed & breakfast), apartments and motels.