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Travel Europe France An object of discord, desire and fascination, the Eiffel Tower

An object of discord, desire and fascination, the Eiffel Tower

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The Eiffel Tower is perhaps the most striking and certainly the most famous structure in Paris. The three hundred meters high pylon shaped marvel of engineering in 1889 on the occasion of the World built by engineer Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel. The tower attracts about twenty million visitors each year.

In 1884 the President of France decided to celebrate the centenary of the republic a World to organize. Gustave Eiffel in the same time gave the order to two of his workers, talented engineers Maurice Koechlin and Emile Nougier, to design a tower. Eiffel initially saw little in the design of three hundred meters high tower, but when he got wind of the plans of the president, he saw the potential and bought the patent of its employees. Mid 1886 when a competition was hastily organized, as Eiffel had foreseen, his design was chosen from 107 submissions.

In 1887, Eiffel began to build and he had only two and a half years before the time the exhibition would open. He ruled with an iron hand over the army of construction workers in the service that he was fired and those who hold the bottle or the fist went. He demanded total commitment of people for the job should be done on time. That worked: on March 31, 1889, the Eiffel Tower were opened to the public. The building was an immediate commercial success and attracted some 20,000 visitors per day.

At that time was three hundred meters height as a magic number, the challenge of building area, and both Europe and America were plans in the works for a tower of this height. For the construction of the gigantic exhibit came Eiffel experience as a designer of large steel bridges in good stead. The tower was actually a three hectometer high viaduct pillar, designed to wind, water and gravity as possible to resist. Given the height, the structure is remarkably light: 7300 tons. There were a half million rivets needed for construction. The tower has a base of one hundred to one hundred meters. The height is interrupted by platforms at 57, 115 and 274 meters. The famous sloping elevators from the ground to perform first and second floors were a novelty in the nineteenth century and formed an attraction in itself. Until 1930, the Eiffel Tower were the tallest building in the world.

Apart from admiration made the radical design of the Eiffel Tower too much disgust loose, especially classically trained architects. So was Charles Garnier, the tower simply not good enough. The Dutch writer JK Huysmans called the tower "a factory chimney being built, a skeleton waiting to be filled with natural or brick , an amorphous lattice , very ugly and not even great." Eiffel graciously responded to all criticism: "Do people know that beauty has no role in our designs because we are engineers? That we gave only to the strength and durability of a building looking, and no attempt to devise elegant solutions?"