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Travel Europe France Bordeaux - The Vineyard Pride of France

Bordeaux - The Vineyard Pride of France

Bordeaux, France, La Riviere Fronsac vineyard

If you want to see something new and have available a few days, you can go to Bordeaux. You get a mini-quiet vacation, where you will be able to charge. The city can be visited throughout the year, with about 3 million tourists annually. Wine connoisseurs will get tourists exactly the right place. Bordeaux has earned worldwide renowned thanks to its wines. Or liquid core will enjoy both the taste and look, because besides wine, Bordeaux is proud waving the floating river cruise.

Port, named Port of Le Lune, receives ships since ancient times. Since the eighteenth century, the port played an important role in commerce, international trade. In addition, the city is appreciated by tourists for the high standard of living point of gastronomic delights and nightly parties.

Once here, you must visit the old city center. In 2005 became a World Heritage by UNESCO. An important landmark is undoubtedly the Grand Theatre (Place de la Comedie). Historical monument was built by architect Victor Louis in 1773 and was completed in 1780. It was a perfect example of Italian theater. Today there are some elements of the original decor, the colors blue and gold marble.

One of the most beautiful bridges Pont de Pierre in Bordeaux is built between 1810 and1822, by order of Napoleon I consecrated by Pope Urbain II in 1096, Saint-Andre Cathedral is an impressive monument by size. You still have to see many castles and churches in Bordeaux, a few centuries old.

In terms of transport, its peculiarity consists in induction electric tram, which was designed to avoid placing wires in old areas. It was decided to protect the historic preserved, which is one of the largest in France, about 150 hectares. Bordeaux is considered the city of art and historic city. To see what is most important, if the weather is nice, try to take a walk or bike. If you go on the Atlantic coast, it is preferable to have a car. Public transportation system is well developed in the city.

Being famous for cuisine, the people are some of the tastiest pastries in France.