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Travel Europe France Corsica - Napoleon Bonaparte place of birth

Corsica - Napoleon Bonaparte place of birth

Corsica, France, Fortress at Bonifacio

Located in the Mediterranean, Corsica is an attractive destination for tourists looking for a region with different reliefs. Situated at a distance of 200 km south-east of Côte d'Azur, Corsica attracts tourists and lovers of high mountains. Not for nothing is called "L'Ile de Beaute" (Island of Beauty).

Those who want to find less populated beaches can go in the Ficajola and Cap Corse. Although they are stone beaches are spectacular places. But you can choose between hundreds of beaches along the coast, where you can make swimming, snorkeling, wind surfing, scuba diving, etc.

A medieval town that is worth a visit is Sartène. In Bonifacio, another old city ready for diving. Bonifacio is the oldest city of the island and offers guests luxurious restaurants and lush.

If you are passionate about history, then go to Ajaccio, the city where Napoleon was born. In Ajaccio visit the Cathedral, the Napoleon House Memorial Museum, Fesch Museum, where there is an impressive collection of Italian painting.

On the island you can ride, do you walk or kayak trips in the canyons. The area most frequented by tourists is on the east coast.

Regional National Park includes some of the rarest habitats found on the island, mountain peaks the highest of the island, and impressive landscapes. UNESCO Heritage Park is due to water clarity and beauty of landscapes. In Bastia find Saint Nicholas Market, Church of Saint John the Baptist and the old port.