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Travel Europe France Holidays in Nice on a low budget

Holidays in Nice on a low budget

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Many associate Nice rightly as one of the cities Côte d'Azur, with a lavish lifestyle. In a careful analysis, Nice is a tourist attraction that can access not only celebrities, but we, ordinary people.

Yes, it's true; you can go to Nice with a low budget. We are showing you a few tips to help you enjoy a dream vacation and your budget without being seriously damaged.


Summer is the perfect season for a trip to Nice. City Market invites you to rosy apples, juicy raspberry or green peas. The most romantic tables are usually the simplest, so we recommend you buy a bottle of wine, a basket of fresh baguette, some cheese, some fruit and start to roam. Another alternative is a walk on the east side of the Baie des Anges, where you can find park Colline du Chateau, and a beautiful waterfall.


Usually, housing is one of the problems that give us trouble on vacation. Nice there are many hotels that go beyond your financial capabilities. There are some cheap alternatives, some of them located right near the beach. You will surely find one which fits your budget perfectly. Just arm yourself with a little patience and a bit of perseverance.


The house where the famous French painter Henri Matisse lived and created between 1918 and 1954 was turned into Matisse Museum. The museum is open to the public between 10.00 and 18.00 except Tuesday. The ticket costs 5 euros.

You can also visit the Franciscan Monastery and admire the beautiful Cimiez gardens with olives, magnolias and orange.


One of the most important sights worth to be checked during your stay in Nice is the Fountain du Soleil. You can also visit the Palais Lascaris, a palace impresses with its combination of baroque and Genoa, the Botanical Garden of Nice, and Cathedral Sainte repaired, you can immediately spot his shiny dome grace.


Make beach and swim in the sea is a problem in Nice. Why? For much of the beaches are private and that means additional costs. Thus, you must pay a small fortune on sunbeds, umbrellas, towels, etc. Moreover, although it seems incredible, you are not allowed access to food or drink at home.

There are some beaches where you should not pay any money. If you still want to have access to toilet, you have to buy a coffee or tea at a nearby bar.

Walking around town

Nice surroundings can easily explore without a car you need. If you want to visit Cannes, where the city takes place annually one of the largest film festivals in the world, you take the bus. The ticket will cost one euro. There you go shopping for picnic Forville market on the street with the same name.

Another idea would be to travel by train to the coast town of Juan les Pines or visit the historic towns of Antibes and Ventimiglia.