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How to visit the Eiffel Tower

Visiting the Tower, Paris, France, Eiffel Tower lit up

A holiday in Paris is not complete without visiting the most beautiful and most famous tourist attraction, or the Eiffel Tower. Even though it is hard to wait so many hours in line, the experience is worth every effort that the tower feels true French spirit. Follow the steps below and you will know how to plan a visit to the Eiffel Tower so you feel great.

Steps to follow

Step 1. During the visit. Tour Eiffel does not know what season. Million tourists come here throughout the year, so congestion is common. But there is a big enough difference between standing in line for 2 hours or 4 or even more. Jump to visit the Eiffel Tower on late fall, winter (long before the holidays or after) or at the beginning of spring.

Step 2. Time to visit. Choose a day during the week and go very early. Thus, you stand in line for less. The landscapes are absolutely spectacular both during the day and evening. If you want to enjoy the night scenery offered by the tower, schedule a visit in the evening.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, check weather predictions for that day. It is a shame to get to the tower in a fog day, you cannot see far into the distance and when temperatures are very low.

Step 3. Set aside enough time. The Eiffel Tower can be visited on the run. Browse the program and make sure you have at least half a day to just for this visit. If you want to see all the floors and enjoy the scenery, it's best to plan your special day for him.

Step 4. Where are the queues. The answer you will not like at all, but you should know that you will find queues:
a) lift tickets
b) access to tickets for stairs
c) the elevator between floors II and III

Sometimes you can stand in line at the elevator and 45 minutes since lift capacity is limited, it may come in the second or third group.

Step 5. What floors visit? When planning a visit to Eiffel think if you want to climb up to the top floor (III) or want to see only the lower floors. If you hurry, the latter option is good. But if you have time, make an effort and goes up top. The difference in price is average and once you buy your ticket to the third floor you'll automatically see the bottom, because you need to change elevator.

Step 6. Prices and schedule visit. A ticket for the Second floor with lift ticket price differs to the top of the tower. Visit program vary depending on the season. All the details you find on the official site.

Step 7. Camera. Do not leave the hotel without you at your camera. Panorama is really great, regardless of clich├ęs that circulate today about the view from the Eiffel Tower. Pictures taken here will be some of the most beautiful souvenirs of your holiday in Paris.

Step 8. Restaurant. If you want an experience full of style, make a reservation at one of the restaurants tower. You do need to know that the booking is made in advance, as required, and prices are quite high.

Step 9. Shopping. Tower owns and several souvenir shops, where you can take a small souvenir. But not necessarily great products in terms of quality and is likely to find them in other parts of Paris.

Things you need

- Camera
- Clothing suitable for the weather
- Comfortable shoes

Tips & Warnings

- On the top you can admire the landscape both from a circular booth, enclosed with glass walls, and outdoor terrace. You will see that there is around the cabin window panel in which you explain your front view, according to the cardinal points and all the panels are dotted sights to be seen in the distance.
- The visit lasts long enough so that it is not advisable to have the bags you pack light or heavy. It will be extremely difficult to carry them for you, with no storage place.
- If you go in winter and cool in a day, it is imperative to have thicker clothes to you. When you are in the tower, the height, the cold air is quite unbearable and your visit will seem like a chore.
- How to tail stand down at the base of the tower, you can buy a drink and chew on the kiosk which is located near the ticket.
- Pigeons should not be fed as notifications at the ticket there. You see they are very used to people and willing to give them something to eat. Pigeons are pretty much dirt in this place, because of their number and sometimes this happen even on the tourists head.