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Travel Europe France The 800000 bricks church of France - Cathedral of Evry

The 800000 bricks church of France - Cathedral of Evry

Evry, France, Cathedral of Resurection entrance

The Cathedral of the Resurrection in Evry, France, was designed by the architect Mario Botta. The building was designed and built between 1988 and 1992 in the period 1992-1995.

The cathedral dedicated to St. Corbinianus, a bishop in the 7 century was born near Evry and became famous for a legend, a wild boar would have carried his baggage to Rome after he had slain the bishop of pack animal. There is a relic in the church of St. Corbinianus.

The remarkable form of the Cathedral, consisting of a compact, diagonally cut cylinder , Botta had in 1986 invented the much smaller church in Mogno. The cylinder of the cathedral of Evry has a diameter of 38 meters and is marked by a rooftop terrace and 24 lime trees, which symbolize "life". The top of the cathedral is also equipped with a filigree style belfry with five bells carried.

Botta used in masonry connections for the facades standard bricks of 210x100x45 mm. This causes the walls divided into different zones with a repetitive number of layers. The resulting masonry is purely decorative and covers the in situ concrete of the walls both inside and outside bearing.

It is notable that not only the exterior of the Cathedral of the Resurrection have a brick appearance, but also the interior of the church consists entirely of bricks. The centerpiece of the interior is formed by a bulging wall above the altar and spectacular emerges. Behind the altar is a window which symbolizes tree. Furthermore, a descending ramp is built, which can enter the room. Because the walls are completely covered with bricks and systematically provided with openings, the space exudes calm. Light comes from a complex roof in steel enters the room, also contributes to the appropriate sacred atmosphere.

The Cathedral of Evry is not the only brick designed by the architect Botta. Other notable designs in brick from his hand are the Kyobo Tower and Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art in Seoul and Church of Santo Volto in Turin.