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Travel Europe Hungary Budapest - Capital of the Danube

Budapest - Capital of the Danube

Budapest, Hungary, Parliament building panorama

Are you bored at home but do not have time for a long vacation? You want something new but are willing to travel far? Then Budapest is the ideal destination for you.
Ignore her syrupy nickname the Bride or Pearl of the Danube, and get ready for a weekend in one of the most seductive cities in Eastern Europe.

It is already known that the Hungarians know how to cook. In Budapest you have to try some goulash, a beef soup, potatoes and vegetables. Another specialty is their stew, a meal of dumplings and meat. Restaurants are numerous in Budapest, but depending on the season, they are crowded. Without a reservation you may expect the release of a meal.

They say that love begins and ends on Margit Island. Island Park is in the middle Danube, and is where couples come together in love. Meet beside them and some children having fun on the island, tourists take pictures or people who come here to do some exercise.

Walk on Andrassi Avenue. It is the longest street in town and ideal place for a stroll. Cruise on the Danube is one of the best tourist facilities in Budapest on the Danube cruise.