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Travel Europe Iceland The Land of Fire and Ice - Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice - Iceland

Iceland, Europe, Strokkur Geysir

Nature takes care of fire, ice, strange lava formations and spouting geysers. And the Iceland has everything goes his way sometimes exuberant, sometimes left waiting for the light.
In deep crevices is bubbling gray mud. Creeks of flowing water find their way under wooden footpaths. Suddenly is shooting clouds of sulfur smelling steam into the air. Around the hole as a chimney works, are remnants of bright yellow sulfur powder.
Hverarönd the geothermal field in northern Iceland is just one of many attractions. Here you realize the colossal planet's strength. The geography of Iceland also is constantly changing. Nearby, in Krafla, where the youngest volcanic activity occurred about 25 years ago can now stand on the crater rim and fearless in the grass staring green water that fills foot dormant volcano.
Just down Dimmu Borgir perform kilometer long hiking trails through more than 2000 years old lava fields, which were the most bizarre formations.

In a small bridge you stand at the point where the North American and Euro Asian geological plates recently have been pushed further away from each other. There came yet another crack in the earth's crust created.
Inevitably tour takes you through the Hverfell footpath to the geysers of hot water and double Grjótagjá cave. The one for men, the other for women, because for many years the Icelanders came here to enjoy a nice hot bath until its temperature rose dangerously high.
The Myvatnmeer also found in the northern part of Iceland. It is one of the richest and most fascinating places on the island. The heavenly blue "sapphire" is home to masses of birds. More than 30 species of ducks and waders breed come here.

The environment of Myvatn can be most easily discovered from Akureyri. This second largest city in Iceland is a clean, relaxed and friendly place. The sun is often the party, people who take advantage of favorable conditions for planting trees and flowers on their city.
The houses are clad with corrugated iron in a variety of colors as shelter from the harsh elements. What color is welcome to the dark winter months to cheer?
From Akureyri is just a short flight to Reykjavik. The capital has many advantages. Admire the Lutheran Church decided Hallgrímskirkja, white and austere, like a mountain of basalt lava. The interior is beautiful, but most visitors are particularly interested in the views they see from the tower of 75 meters high.

Go here to enjoy the quiet Tjörnmeer in the heart of the old town and let the world pass by you, the ducks and geese, people, flowers, all that movement.
Perhaps you also tempted by a little shopping. Icelandic sweaters sense very coveted. Pottery, glass, wooden toys and jewelry can you have on your wish list. And do not forget the bath and personal care products based on silica mud from the Blue Lagoon, south of Reykjavik.
The blue lagoon is a typical attraction in Iceland. Besides a beauty she offers a beautiful bathing in the open air. You bathe in the naturally heated water in a bath of lava rocks.

The nightlife in Icelanders takes a very important place in the long, dark winter winds. The center of the capital has to offer you the opportunity to ride one of them. You understand the language or not, yet you feel at ease quickly between the individual, generous folk.
Ultimately the combination of spectacular sights and unique geological wonders of Iceland makes an area unique attraction. From Reykjavik you can three of the most interesting places to visit in one day.

Number 1 and this is called Gullfoss is Iceland's most famous waterfall. In summer, when the light steel blue and the sun glaring, are perfect rainbows over the river drawn. In May, the water of the highest Hvitarivier, because the melt water from the snow capped mountains.
Number 2 of the musts, the Geysir, the name says it all: water spray from the earth, high up and that gave its name to same natural phenomena around the world.
Fortunately, the Strokkurgeiser a little further for the changing of the guard ensured. Every 4 minutes inject a jet of boiling water 6 meters in height.
And then you wait another visit to the peaceful Thingvellir National Park, where the first Icelandic Parliament in the first millennium was located. Sheltered by the majestic, snow-capped peaks, you can find lovely rivers, forests and deep ravines that cut lead to an excellent walking area.