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Travel Europe Israel Tel Aviv - the Miami of the Middle East

Tel Aviv - the Miami of the Middle East

Tel Aviv, Israel, The City overview

Tel Aviv literally means "Spring Hill", a 100 year old metropolis on the Mediterranean. In 2003 was added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Cities as the "White City", thanks to the many houses built according to the origin of German Bauhaus style. Tel Aviv is architecturally the 30 years the largest outdoor museum in the world. The town is just 50 minutes from Jerusalem and differs in many aspects from the capital.

Tel Aviv is mentioned by Israelis as "the bubble", a place where you can find hardly resembles with the rest of the country, let alone the rest of the Middle East. A place where the political conflict does not seem to exist, a place where you can really only deal with sunbathing, visiting countless restaurants and with continuous celebration. Where you a miniskirt at night is safe and can walk the streets where you can see few Haredim (orthodox Jews). Tel Aviv is a city where the annual gay parade is not inferior to those from Amsterdam. There is no ancient history to find, but rather the bustling heart of secular Israel. Also it is a city with long white beaches.

If you are used to stroll on the Amsterdam Hooftstraat or on Champs Elysees from Paris, then you will definitely feel at home in the fashionable streets of Tel Aviv. Strolling about the serpent Tayelet kilometer promenade along the beach, stroll through Sheinkin Street, a stroll along Rothschild Boulevard and took all of example (Old Port). Particularly advisable after Thursday when Israeli weekend begins. The sabbath is a completely different meaning than in Jerusalem. Artistic shops can be found in the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek (jewelry, art), Dizengoff street (many fashion), Sheinkin street, Dizengoff center (very large shopping mall), Nachlat Binyamin (homemade art, jewelry and other goodies) or Caramel (a Albert Cuyp market type).

According to Knight Frank Israel is among the top 10 housing markets in the world. An increase in 2010 was around of 17% from the previous year. The ground is still sparse despite annexations in the West Bank, and the economy is growing fast. The global financial crisis has little impact in Israel and the many immigrants do have a big building boom unleash. Furthermore, property prices even further increased by purchases of wealthy Jews from countries like France and the U.S.A. If holiday and as a refuge should the anti-Semitism in the Paris region for example the scupper runs. The most expensive apartment from Israeli is in Tel Aviv. With a surface 1500 sq m was sold for the price of $34,000,000. Even the Egyptian revolution and unrest in other neighboring countries appear not to influence the price yet.