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Basilica Julia

Rome, Italy, Basilica Julia front view

The Basilica Julia, together with the Basilica Aemilia delimit the Roman Forum in Rome. The basilica is named for the Roman politician Julius Caesar, who was also the first builder.

Julius Caesar began in 54 BC. The construction of the Basilica Julia, the old Basilica Sempronia replaced, but did not complete before his death in 1944 BC. To that end, in August the building, but had to start again in September when the BC. burned. In 2 BC. was rededicated in the name of the grandchildren of Augustus, Gaius and Lucius Caesar. After another fire in 283 AD Chr. the basilica was restored by Diocletian , but in 410 was destroyed by Alaric. Today, only the floor is left to distinguish and some parts of the walls and part of the stage.

The building was larger than the Basilica Aemilia and had a huge size, the exterior was 101 by 49 meters, the ship 82 to 18 meters. The basilica was at a low stage of seven steps on the east side and one on the west side. The ground surface was not right. The central nave was three stories high, the four lateral flanks (two on each side) counted two floors. All four sides had a double colonnade and an additional porch.

The Basilica Julia served as law courts. The Roman people could attend this process. Because the central nave probably with wooden partitions or curtains were divided into four, it was possible to watch more things at once. Furthermore, in the basilica are various administrative offices although little remains of the basilica, but this served as an example for many churches, including St. Peter's in Rome and the Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan.