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Travel Europe Italy Discover Modena - Pavarotti birthplace

Discover Modena - Pavarotti birthplace

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Modena has won fame in being the birthplace of the famous Ferrari because it is a known industrial and commercial center, constantly expanding. Here was born and was buried one of the greatest tenors of all time, Luciano Pavarotti. Another reason for you to be visited is that dating from III BC, city and province of Modena retains impressive ancient monuments and is also a prestigious cultural center.

What visit to Modena?

Il Duomo Piazza Grande finding, considered a masterpiece of Romanesque art of the most famous in Italy. It was built in 1099 and includes works by artists such as Campionesi, Wiligelmo, Cristoforo da Lendinara, and Antonio Begarelli. On one side there was the famous tower called Torre della Ghirlandina. The monument is full of biblical scenes, such as "Madonna Pope" and "Coronation Virgin and Saints". The cathedral is a Lapidarium, a museum of the dome, which contains pieces of sculpture and architecture of the old cathedral, fantastic figures and symbolic sculptures, Romanian era.

For book lovers, there are ancient library of the Duke d'Este, Estense Library, founded in 1767. Italy is considered one of the most prestigious institutions of its kind, thanks to the wealth of books and manuscripts, including parts of the middle Ages and Renaissance.

One of the greatest treasures of the monument is represented by Bibb di Borso d'Este, bound in two volumes, dating back to 1455. Other examples of monuments and places very bidding in terms of tourism are S. Pietro, Palazzo dei Musei, Palazzo Ducale where the Accademia Military today and you can visit at an entry price.

Culinary delights in Modena

Modena is known for a specific product area, balsamic vinegar. No longer know his origins as the first recipes are very old, but true balsamic vinegar is made from pure grape must, preferably Trebbiano grapes. It is used for marinating in spices, meat and vegetables. Meat is a basic element in the cuisine of Modena.

Some of the most popular meats are Prosciutto di Modena and Zampone, which is pork and lentils. Drink; try a wine typical of the area, Lambrusco di Modena. If you want to visit a city that are not necessarily among the best known in Italy, but where you will find monuments and impressive dishes, go to Modena. You will assist the Ferrari racing or you participate in one annual festival that celebrates art and culture.