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Travel Europe Italy Great piece of old Rome - The Colosseum

Great piece of old Rome - The Colosseum

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Rome is a beautiful city where antiquity and novelty meet. Every year thousands of tourists visit Rome. In Rome are therefore a lot of beautiful buildings of antiquity. From magnificent cathedrals to colossal temples: Everything is represented. One of the most popular tourist attractions of Rome is the Colosseum.

The build of The Colosseum started in year 72 AD by the Flavian emperors and has been finished in 80 AD. The Colosseum was financed by the sacking of Jerusalem in seventy years. There were proclaimed on this occasion of celebration 100 days and were killed about 5,000 animals. Originally, the floor of Colosseum floor was supposed to sustain water. Only afterwards were built underground corridors and prepared blocks of tufa, visible even now inside the Colosseum to allow the deployment, under the wooden floor, both gladiators and a fair for "Munera" and "venationes", continuing with maintenance and movement of scenery, with a pulley-mounted lift probably in the 30 niches in the perimeter wall in the center of the arena. In these one hundred days the games were very important and gladiators fought to the death. It was a lot of work to the Colosseum to build a foundation whereby to the size of several football fields!

From the architectural point of view is an ellipse of 188 Coliseum on 156 meters, with a circumference of 527 meters, almost 50 meters high, ranging from an outdoor platform with two ladders, there are four floors, three with arcade surrounded by semicolons different order, from the bottom toward the superior - Tuscan, Ionic and Corinthian. 40-45000 amphitheater capacity was about 50000 people seated and standing in the superior part.

The Colosseum was designed for the whole play. Many people think that the Colosseum was used only for fighting. This is not true. Besides these famous battles, there were many amazing sights to see which animals played an important role.

The Colosseum is a famous and popular attraction. Every year many tourists come by to see this monument. But why is the Colosseum so special? The Colosseum is one of the most impressive remains from the Roman period. There are still more arenas to find but they are often a (large) part destroyed. In addition, the Colosseum in a beautiful setting, for example, lies around the remains of ancient Rome.

If you come as a visitor first you will go in a small museum. There are many things that have been excavated in the Colosseum. It is interesting to see. In the Colosseum are a lot of things dug up from ancient pottery to fine art.

Outside you can go walking around the Colosseum. You can either upstairs or downstairs to look around. Yet there is not much to see it as a round building with a lot of grass in the middle. The Colosseum from the outside looks nicer than when you actually capable of imagine. In the evening it is beautifully lit by several Colosseum spotlights.