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Travel Europe Italy Holiday in Venice - Gondola of Europe

Holiday in Venice - Gondola of Europe

Venice, Italy, Grand Canal with gondoliers

One of the most charming cities in the world and can only be said about it is unique.
Venice is the capital of the Veneto region of Italy and is located in the north-east of the country on many small islands that are part of the Venetian Lagoon.

"City of Bridges", as it is called Venice stretches across the mouth of the Po and Piave rivers. Of the approximately 270,000inhabitants, about sixty thousand live in the historic center of Venice. The rest of the population lives on the continent or "Terraferma" behind the lagoon, in cities such as Mestre and Marguerite and the other part lives on a hundred islands in the lagoon.

Venice is like magnet attracts lovers, artists and poets, is a magical city that covers many very small islands. Often it is called the city of gondolas, because it is always filled with channels surrounded by boats.

Gondolas are the most famous and romantic way to explore the beauties of Venice. Gondola is the symbol of Venice and the city is recognized and famous around the world. The main way transport in the city is the boat because Venice is surrounded by 150 channels. Another way to explore the city is walking.

In the nineteenth century the city was joined to the mainland by a road that allowed the train to arrive in Venice. All because this way you can park your car at the entrance to the city and then you can reach on foot or by boat in the historic center of Venice.

Another specific type of boat of Venice is "vaporetti". They are a kind or water taxis buses. As land transport these "vaporetti" stations and have their help you can get to various points in town.

Among the city's symbols and products include glass from Murano Island where he was, some of the largest manufacturers in Europe. Uniqueness and high quality materials and skills that are processed are as Murano glass to achieve some enviable standards.

One of the most important events taking place in Venice is the Carnival of Venice. Although no shortage of tourists Venice during Carnival this number increases considerably.

For a period of almost 1400 years, the 3-4 km shallow water separating Venice from the rest of Italy, have not only protected Venice from invaders but Venetians completely isolated country's political life.

Venice remained so untouched by wars and intrigues papal or imperial feudalism and territorial quarrels. Venetians have turned their attention eastward, toward full of rich markets of Constantinople. That was actually born great commercial empire Venetian Republic.

A city that was built out of fear it would arrive shortly to be classified as the most beautiful city in the world. While the Florentines, for example, were considered great thinkers, the Venetians were very practical people think because they have managed to take some malaria swamps full of a wonderful city to build from scratch.

History of Venice, is impressive but perhaps the most fascinating story of millennial history is that of Marco Polo, the Venetian merchant who traveled to China and met Genghis Khan. His story is one of the best true stories of the middle Ages.
Also Giacomo Casanova is not just legend. He was born in Venice in 1725. Myth seductive and irresistible love, was reported in the book "di Giacomo Casanova Memory".

In Venice, Doge's government is planning in the year 726, when it certified first Doge. In 814, it began construction of the Doge's Palace ("Palazzo Ducale") in what today is San Marco Square. San Marco Church building in the same market is begun in 834 but the first Basilica San Marco burned down.

Cultural journey in Venice, it never actually ends, so the best way to know the history of this city that was once so powerful it is to live visit.