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Travel Europe Italy Holidays in Milan - Jewel of Lombardy

Holidays in Milan - Jewel of Lombardy

Milan, Italy, Galleria piazza duomo

Milan is one of the most important and stylish cities in Italy, rich in history. In Milan there are many buildings with special character in the styles of the most different from neo-classical palaces (Palazzo) on modern buildings and skyscrapers.

Commercial metropolis of Milan is the place where there are a lot of important business centers, financial institutions and stock exchange of Italy. Milan is also known worldwide for that excels in fashion and design is one of the cities that set trends in these areas. Opportunities for shopping are at the highest standards in Quadrilatero d'Oro, which is full of shops of the most important of the most famous designers and fashion houses. Via Marconi is where there is the most important tourist information center in Milan, other offices such finding to the Stazione Centrale railway station, and also at Linate and Malpensa airports.

As a general rule, travelers who choose to go to Milan will find that hotels in Milan can be quite expensive compared to other cities in Europe. However Accommodation can be found very advantageous if you make reservations in advance or it can occur all kinds of promotional offers throughout the year. Hotels in Milan, like all hotels in Italy, are graded with stars; the five-star hotel offers the most luxurious services possible. At the other end of the scale there are accommodation facilities that offer only basic necessities such as Hostels (Ostello) or guest houses (casa di hospitality), and camping. During Fashion Week in Milan, finding a place to stay in Milan be impossible, so if you want to visit the city in these periods have to book many months before and expect to pay a little more than usual. Best hotel deals can be found around the Cathedral Duomo, Stazione Centrale and Porta Garibaldi. If you go to Milan by car, accommodation outside the city can be a wise option for the short walk from the city can find quality hotels at lower prices. You can try to book accommodation in Milan adjacent cities like Bergamo, Como and Cremona.

In Milan, there are plenty of tourist attractions and most are located downtown. Among the attractions not to be missed in a visit to Milan Duomo include - a huge cathedral that was built along the more than four centuries, the Castello Sforzesco - a fortress built in 1368 which later became a residence Renaissance gorgeous, Teatro alla Scala - Milan opera no longer needs any presentation and Santa Maria delle Grazie - a beautiful church dating from 1463 and where there is the famous mural by Leonardo da Vinci "Last Supper". In Milan there are plenty of museums and art galleries such as the Pinacoteca di Brera, where there is one of the most important art collections in Italy.

One of the most famous streets of Milan, Via Montenapoleone is where concentrated many of the leading Italian and international designers are. Throughout the year numerous fashions shows in Milan, where they presented the latest collections. Besides the catwalks in Milan and around him were numerous events such as the Gran Premio di Monza - Italian Grand Prix at Monza from Formula 1 or Amrosiano Carnevale - the longest carnival in the world.

Those who can should not miss the splendid lakes near Milan. The resorts around these lakes there are restaurants, shops and cafes with superb views. Among the most popular lakes in the region include Lake Maggiore, Lake Como and Lake Garda, also the largest lake in Italy.