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Travel Europe Italy Rimini - perfect fabric of beaches and history

Rimini - perfect fabric of beaches and history

Rimini, Italy, Cavour Plazza

You think to combine the beach with lessons of history? Want to go with family someplace where see traces of Roman civilization? Choose a vacation in Rimini, the Adriatic seaside resort where people are helpful and sun-drenched beach and history.

Rimini is a city settlement that dates back over 2000 years, from Roman times, when it was called Ariminium. In those days the city was be a link between Galicia and the provinces of Italy, an exit to the Adriatic, and point of intersection between several ways of transportation and military.

Today, the resort fits in among the least demanding in Italy, but with a reputation for silence and discretion that can be found in a holiday spent here. Italians prefer instead of others, and tourists can find here helpful and social kind locals, who helps guests feel better.

Once here, you'd better make time to go sightseeing in the area: Arch of Augustus, Tiberius Bridge, the dome of the Surgeon Domus, chapels, churches and temples for hundreds of years old.
And while you're in the city of Fellini, do not miss the great Italian director museum. The museum is located in the old city center and hosts the objects that have belonged to Federico Fellini, and various exhibition graphics, photography or drawing.

If you are interested in walking to visit various tourist attractions, the city of Rimini will provide an opportunity to see places full of history, but also close to some beautiful cities such as Bologna, Forli, Ravenna or Ancona. Do not miss the festivals and cultural events taking place in the city especially during summer.
If you are passionate about shopping, you will find here not only some boutique shops of famous fashion designers such as D & G, Gucci, Prada or Armani, but malls with shops of all kinds. And if you're interested in small shops with handicraft items, move to the center of town.

The resort has over 15 kilometers of beaches, and according to season is going to the beach during the summer, from June to September when average temperature is 22 degrees. The busiest and hottest months of summer are July and August. The beaches are mostly equipped with umbrellas, chairs, toilets and showers and most demanding, may turn to private beaches where they will find extra services. Sports enthusiasts have at their disposal here on beach volleyball places, table tennis and other sports on the beach.

Families with children will find in Rimini places where children can play and sunbathe. Aqua-park-sized fans will find such a park near the resort, along the coast.
If you want to tan and have fun practicing water sports, you can rent equipment for windsurfing, surf jet, and diving in shallow. Arcs enthusiasts can rent their boats to go cruising along the coast. And if you are tempted by the beach parties, especially young people looking for dedicated beach, where bikini-organized party and various theme parties.

This resort can be reached by plane, train, car or water. You can choose the airport near the city airport where you can easily reach Rimini city, but you can opt for one of Forli, which is located 55 kilometers from Rimini. You can choose the train if you live in Ravenna or Bologna on highways or roads to these cities, if you come by car. You could stop in this city and if you come by sea, a cruise ship.