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Travel Europe Italy Rules and etiquette while traveling in Italy

Rules and etiquette while traveling in Italy

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A good impression and cementation of satisfying relationships are important things Italian. If you plan to visit Italy, it is advisable to keep in mind some aspects of the rules of conduct and Italian label. Follow the steps below to learn more.

Step 1. Clothes. If you participate in various meetings or going to business meetings, the clothes you wear should have a formal look. Gentlemen dressed in suit with tie while ladies pick a simple and elegant dress with matching accessories.

Often, foreigners are judged by the clothes, accessories and their attire in general, they represent in the eyes of an Italian proof social status and level of education. Italians even Italian tourists are known for preoccupation with fashion clothes so they really play a role in the first impression you leave or who does about someone.

Step 2. Hello & handshake. When you meet someone, rules of conduct require to shake hands person. Upon leaving hand tightens again. If it's a lady, she must hand first the hand to a man. Friends and loved ones kiss on the cheek.

Step 3. Body language. Italians are among the European nations use mostly body language.

Table is offensive to keep your hands in your lap or sit your elbows on the table, but hands should always be visible. In a restaurant, you can call the waiter bringing the index finger and establish eye contact. And in a conversation with an Italian eye contact must be permanent, or they may interpret that have something to hide.

It is not recommended to chew gum in public, to lean on something or act crooked or too relaxed posture.

Step 4. Meals. If you have dinner with some Italian, is rude to get up from your seat during the meal. The host is the one who sits at the table first, who begin eating first and all she is the first complete and rises from the table.

Hands are kept above the table, so when you eat, and when you're done. Italians tend to give you food several times, so when you are tired you really need to repeatedly refuse to offer generous host. In terms of wine, if you still do not want to pour, leave your glass full.

Another rule, which may seem strange, is the need to use cutlery even for those foods you usually eat by hand (pieces of cheese or bread etc.). Fruits are eaten with a knife and fork all except cherries and grapes. Dinner in Italy

Table rules are "continental" left fork and knife is held with the right hand. Women are invited to a meal and not have to pour one in the glass.

If you go into an average home, even in a modest, you'll see that women are deeply concerned about the kitchen and there is always plenty of food, enough for everyone. In this case, there are likely to be invited to the table. It is rude to refuse, except for a very good reason you cannot stay serious for dinner.

Step 5. Gifts. If you are invited to visit, it is nice to give the host a gift, a little something. The right choice can be flowers, chocolate, fine liqueurs, music DVDs, books, office accessories. Be careful what flowers you choose. Avoid roses, if you have romantic thoughts and chrysanthemums, as the latter are used at funerals. The gifts must be packed, but in no case in black and gold as these colors have funeral symbol. Another color is purple avoided because it is considered bad luck bringer.

If give a bottle of wine, is very important to choose a wine of good quality. Quality is more important than its quantity. Gifts are always open to receiving.

Step 6. Business label. To better cope with a business meeting, keep in mind a few things:

a) At business meetings have to dress elegant and sober.
b) If you want to make a good impression, it is important to be punctual to meetings.
c) Avoid discussions on controversial topics such as politics, mafia, religion or family issues.
d) If you do not know very well Italian, you should take with you an interpreter.
e) Make sure you have the cards in Romanian and Italian and provides them with the latter up.
f) If the Italian company representatives are very close to you, do not remove, even if it is difficult to maintain your position. Eye contact is also very important.

Step 7. Churches, monasteries, places of worship. Visiting places of religious worship, visitors should be dressed more decently. We do not accept people in shorts and tops very cut churches, monasteries etc.

Step 8. The store. Italian sellers really do not take to learn English to communicate with their foreign customers. Instead, they seem normal to communicate in their mother tongue. It is considered as mannered people who have very clear ideas about how to conduct the vendor-client conversations.

Therefore, expect to be greeted when customers enter the store and they leave. If you want to make a good impression, learn a few key phrases for shopping. Not admit that products in storefront to be taken there by customers. If you see something you like, ask the staff to show you the product that has it on the shelves anyway.

Tips & Warnings

The Italians are friendly with strangers and overlook some flaws made without intent, no matter how important they are for manners and etiquette. But if you find carelessness or ill will on the part of foreign tourists, reacts as.