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Santa Maria in Aracoeli

Rome, Italy, Santa Maria in Aracoeli shrine

This church is a good example of a church that the archaeological layers of Rome have to show. The history of this church goes back to the first century BC; the time of the Emperor Augustus would have had a vision that he predicted the birth of Christ.

Following this he built an altar at the spot where the Santa Maria in Aracoeli state. When you're in church you will also see a picture of the Emperor on the fresco in the apse. The church was built on the site where once stood a temple of Juno.

The church was built in 1250 by Pope assigned to the Franciscans. The church was rebuilt below, but the church has managed to keep the Roman character. The building looks sober, thanks to the unfinished facade. The very steep stairs you must climb if you want to visit the church was built around 1350. The climb will take some shape, but from above, enjoy a nice view.

The interior is worth a look. The floor is made of Cosmati style and littered with graves. On the ceiling decorations, the European victory over the Turks at Lepanto in 1571 is displayed. You will find striking the 22 pillars of Roman origin remaining in the church. In the Chapel of the Holy Child is a copy of one encrusted with jewels image of the baby Jesus.

This statue is so profusely decorated that it seems almost kitsch, the original was stolen in 1944. The wood, of which the original statue was made, would be made from the wood of an olive tree that once stood on the Mount of Gethsemane. This wood would possess miraculous healing abilities.