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The most beautiful cities in Italy

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Italy is a country that prides itself not only with one or two beautiful cities, but a lot of places where you can do promenades, visit unique goals, learn new things and to marvel admiring the architecture and art that seem to you surround everywhere.

Here are some of the most beautiful cities in Italy that deserves to be on the list following holiday destinations in the New Year 2013.


Verona is not only the city where took place the love story between Romeo and Juliet, but one that impresses with its ancient Roman ruins (including a well-preserved arena), a medieval castle, markets truly amazing and historic churches.

Verona is a city that offers countless tourist attractions and as tourists, is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.


Unique architecture, beautiful churches and channels that you can walk to the gondola in a truly spectacular are just some of the wonders that attract millions of tourists annually Venice.

For a quiet experience in Venice, it is advisable to go in winter season or when they leave a cloud over city light fog.


In Bologna, you will enjoy the best of local cuisine and food products full of rich flavors and tastes, especially a crowded city, but fascinating at the same time.

Here you have the opportunity to see the oldest university in Europe, but to get on Leaning Tower of Bologna.


Rome is a city that is 2,500 years back in history, many art museums, churches and fascinating ruins. Exploring the historic center of Rome, you can easily take a few good days, during which you'll be completely absorbed by the beauty of the place.


Although a city is more chaotic and crowded than other Italian cities, Naples impresses with elegant palaces, medieval houses and museums through top.

Many of the tourists who arrive in Naples city hopelessly fall in love; they want to have lived or were born there and back whenever they can.