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Top 5 cafes in Rome

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From a vacation in Rome should not miss an hour of sitting in a cafe in which the products are served hot, fast and very flavorful.

Here are some of the best and popular cafes in Rome.

1. Rosati

Tradition, location and ambiance are just three of the most important factors that Rosati is the best cafe in Rome.

Here you can enjoy specialties based coffee, hot chocolate and cappuccino or espresso , all made according to original recipes . In addition, if you are hungry you can choose a delicious sandwich or the best tiramisu in town.

2. Stravinskij bar from the Russie hotel

Stravinskij bar is famous for espresso served with small pieces of nuts or one without sugar. Local manager, Sergio Trisolino said that only if you drink an espresso without sugar you can feel real strong flavor, but also delicate specialty coffee shop.

3. Caffe Bistrot Bramante

Bistrot Cafe is the only place in Rome where you can enjoy an espresso in large cocktail glasses.

Choosing to stay at the table is a difficult decision: you can sit by the window to admire a church that is painted a fresco by Raffaello or you can sit at the trendy bar where the lights are lovely.

4. Caffe Grecco

Caffe Grecco is one of the oldest cafes in Europe. So you can sit without you realize, at a table where the artists were and intellectuals like Goethe, Gogol and Andersen to exchange ideas.

5. Canova

If you will sit at one of the tables outside the cafe will have direct views of the impressive Piazza del Popolo .

Inside, Canova impresses with a glamorous look, particularly furniture, a piano and an indoor garden.

In addition, the espresso is excellent.

"Here comes everyday people from all around the world because we guarantee top quality – coffee and the machines are checked every day and make sure that the pressure is optimal" said Andriano De Santis , manager of the cafe.