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Travel Europe Italy Trapani vacation - relaxing with a glass of Sicilian wine

Trapani vacation - relaxing with a glass of Sicilian wine

Trapani, Italy, Shore city alley

If you want a new holiday destination, able to offer a combination of nature, history, culture, archeology and gastronomy, you can visit the province of Trapani. Located in the western part of Sicily, is the capital city of the same name. Port center with a long history, Trapani is renowned for his tuna, salt, olives and wine. Wine production rivals other famous regions in Italy or abroad: Tuscany, Austria and Hungary.

Trapani City is one of the main attractions of the region Trapani. It says that visitor who comes here should not miss the sunsets over the Mediterranean, which is impressive due to positioning the city in coastal regions.

In the area you find a multitude of palaces, few castles and bastions, churches, etc. Santissima Annunziata Maria Church (Sanctuary of Santissima Annunziata), known as the Madonna di Trapani is famous for the statue of Madonna, made in marble. The church was built in XIV century and rebuilt in the eighteenth century.
Another tourist attraction is the Torre di Ligny, a defensive tower built in the sixteenth century and rebuilt in 1670 which houses a museum. Among the old buildings, stands della Torre Colombaia.

Tourists visiting the famous church of Santissima Annunziata Sanctuary can take the opportunity to see and Museo Regional Pepoli. The museum is housed in a monastery Caramel has collections of paintings, sculptures and decorative art from the territory of Trapani. Another important city of the province of Trapani, Marsala is the place of origin of the wine of the same name.

If you want to try a wine from the Sicilian region, here are some examples of recommended specialists Nero D'Avola Cabernet Biligneri, Nero d'Avola-Merlot Cuti , Cuti Catarratto or Nero D'Avola Cuti . More details about Sicilian wines and extra virgin olive oil from Trapani region you find the official site. If you want to buy such a wine tasting or to attend, you can visit a salon Beverage Arts & Vino, from the capital.

Gastronomy Trapani has many influences, coming mainly from the region's long history: the influence of Roman, Byzantine, Arabic, Spanish etc. One specific area is prepared pasta con pesto alla trapanese it. Many dishes are based on fish. Those who love the tone of the visit must take in Trapani and try different preparations of the fish, fortified with garlic, mint and a special sauce, salsa di pomodoro. The province has a long tradition of fishing in terms of tone, so the experience worthwhile.

Trapani taste of food is given extra virgin olive oil. The product obtained in this region is famous, its quality due to the climate of the region. Couscous and it is part of the cuisine of Trapani as a result of Arab influence. It is so popular here that came to be considered a representative preparation for this area.