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The honey Islands of Europe - Malta

Malta, Europe, Valletta city skyline

Malta is officially an island state (consisting of several islands), which Malta the 'main island'. Other islands in Malta are Gozo, Comino and Manoel. During your visit to Malta there is no doubt that you will take one or more business trips to the smaller islands. Thus, for example, Gozo is known for its caves and with a speedboat you can see all of them, and the most azure blue water you've ever seen! The small archipelago of Malta is located in the Mediterranean Sea in the south of the Italian "boot".

The official languages of Malta are Maltese and English. Parts of the islands are populated mainly by 'English speakers' and others are exclusive by Maltese-speaking inhabitants, who are often not even very familiar with the English language. But basically you are safe in Malta with English, especially in the more famous and larger cities and tourist attractions.

Malta is not big. With 316 km and more than 400 000 inhabitants is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe. But as a visitor you will not notice. Malta's Mediterranean climate has typical southern Spanish vegetation, causing large parts of the island dry and unused. For a fully developed resort island, therefore you do not have to worry.

Malta has an exciting history that, because the island for centuries has been used and loved for a special strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea. For example, in 1530 by Charles V to the Knights of the Maltese Order established that several large sites and castles has to be built on the island, which is definitely worth a visit. The traces of these and more history are found in various museums and ruins. The megalithic temples are definitely worth a visit!

But for sunbathing, swimming and relaxation is no problem in Malta. There are several beautiful artificial beaches (the island which itself consists of hard rock and naturally not much sand), pleasant boulevards and especially the towns on the island (such as Valletta, St. Julian's and Sliema) offered a rich nightlife. You may find in the larger cities very good food, walking and enjoying the "typical holiday entertainment" that you expect from other Mediterranean countries.

Malta is known for its azure beaches, caves and water - a great destination to an old-fashioned holiday celebration, but just different.