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Travel Europe Norway 5 unforgettable experiences in Norway

5 unforgettable experiences in Norway

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One of the most beautiful countries of the North, Norway can be a perfect tourist destination for those who want to enjoy the wonders of nature. Here are 5 unforgettable experiences in Norway.

Norwegian fjords and breathtaking scenery are the biggest attractions of the country, where a vacation can easily turn into an unforgettable experience. Like in Sweden and Finland, in Norway you can get in contact with Sami culture and traditions creations, the "Eskimo".

To see the aurora borealis

For Norwegians, aurora borealis is as common as a rainbow. For tourists away, light show of colors, shapes and different intensities produced by geomagnetic storms can be unique.

There is no guarantee that you will be lucky enough to see the aurora borealis in its entire splendor, but to have a chance, you should visit Norway in winter, between October and March.

Breathe clean air at Geirangerfjord

Travel by ferry to Norway fjords is another impressive experience and the destination is spectacular Geirangerfjord, where you can breathe the fresh air of the Arctic climate.

Photography enthusiasts will stay glued to the camera in this area travel as fast moving spectacular landscapes and include almost frozen waterfalls flowing emerald rough waters.

Climb Preikestolen

Rock platform located 600 meters above the waters of Lysefjord; Preikestolen is one of the most impressive views across Norway and is one of the destinations most frequently present on postcards and tourist brochures.

Rise to Preikestolen includes a mountain trail about 2 hours, but the beauty of nature seen from the altitude is an experience you cannot miss if you want to enjoy the most breathtaking scenery in the country.

Visit Alesund

Perhaps the most impressive town of Norway, Alesund has been dubbed by many tourists' Venice of the North "because of the perfect integration of buildings with the surrounding waters.

After almost completely burned a century ago, Alesund was rebuilt in the Art Nouveau style and stone buildings have replaced the wood are richly embroidered. From gargoyles to towers and architectural elements inspired by local folklore, Alesund is one of the most fascinating destinations in Norway.

Go with sled dogs in Svalbard

Sled dogs are the perfect way to explore the Arctic wilderness of Norway and Svalbard neighborhood is one of the most beautiful areas such expedition.

The archipelago is covered in 60% of the glaciers and fjords of the archipelago seems withdrawn from the world, but is easily accessible, are truly impressive scenery. Svalbard archipelago offers activities throughout the entire year, and here's the chance to see the polar bears away.