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Travel Europe Portugal The Garden Isle of the Atlantic Ocean - Madeira

The Garden Isle of the Atlantic Ocean - Madeira

Madeira, Portugal, North East of the Island

Madeira is an archipelago located in the tropical Atlantic Ocean in the east part of Portugal. Islands that make up the archipelago are: Madeira and Porto Santo, inhabited islands, and Desertas and Selvagens, unpopulated islands.

The archipelago was discovered by Portuguese navigators in the fifteenth century. It represents a mountain top in the Atlantic Ocean, whose cliffs rise from the deep blue waters.
Madeira is called "Garden Isle", and besides a pleasant climate, is distinguished by lush botanical gardens. Thus, one of the most important sights is the former Hotel Jardim Monte Palace and its magnificent gardens. Relief has also helped lure tourists, and in Sao Vicente Caves can see the lava tubes created unique landscapes. Stories Center Madeira is another important tourist attraction, where you can find information and data about culture and history of the archipelago.

Walks on the "floating flower bowl," "Garden of God" or on the roads in the north, crossed by tunnels abrupt cliffs, narrow winding road and impressive waterfalls, are a pleasure, both in terms of landscapes, and health.

Madeira beaches have no fine and golden sand, like other tropical islands, because of the volcanic islands. Instead, hotels are equipped with the most impressive swimming pools and spa centers. Instead, fishing, boating or swimming with dolphins can be made here at the highest level.

The nightlife is very developed here. From pubs to clubs or pubs and discotheques continued, sunny days can easily turn into white nights and fun. All premises are offering shows with specific themes, for youth and also for those quieter to.

Most 5-star hotels in this area have all the facilities and amenities designed to ensure peace, relaxation, comfort and especially fun guests. They can practice almost any group or individual sports fields provided by the hotel. Also, the ocean trips or activities may be provided by the hotel.