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Travel Europe Romania 10 unusual things about Hunyadi Castle - Part 2

10 unusual things about Hunyadi Castle - Part 2

Unusual Holiday, Hunedoara, Romania, Hunyad Castle outside view

6. New Tower Gate and Bridge Mobile

Mobile is the bridge that enters the castle is today, he uniting New Gate Tower parking. On the ground floor there are tower ticket kiosk and exhibition of objects of torture. Upper levels of the tower is not open to the public, this is intended in future planning an exhibition of medieval armor and other effects. New Gate tower was built in period of John Hunyadi, and were equipped with defensive systems against both firearms and those with the rope (bows, crossbows). Mobile bridge passes over the river Zlasti being supported by massive pillars. The last portion of the bridge rises, creating a gap between attackers and besieged.

5. Capistrano Tower

It is among the high circular towers of John Hunyadi, with Wayne Tower, Tower and Tower drummer Mace. When they were built, they were a novelty in Transylvania. Capistrano Tower took its name from a tenant illustrious Franciscan monk John of Capistrano, adviser of John Hunyadi, canonized in 1690. Room still retains its Gothic fireplace value, only kept in the castle.

4. Gallery and Tower "Nje Boisia"

It is a unique military construction in Transylvania, built everything in between John Hunyadi. Its name comes from the Serbian language and means "fear not", probably on Serb mercenaries in the castle garrison. The tower itself consists of five levels of defense is provided with openings for guns. Now the castle is ensured through a gallery suspended over 33 meters long, the gallery relies on massive pillars.

3. Chapel

The chapel was designed in the second phase construction of John Hunyadi, when the focus was on civil design. Gothic altar was, inside of which is placed a replica of the sarcophagus now John Hunyadi, who was Catholic Cathedral of Alba Iulia. Portion of the brick floor is original XV century.

2. Diet Hall

Diet Hall is at level I of the Palace, just above the Knights Hall. Together, the two rooms form a unique ensemble refinement and grandeur to the space Transylvania. Built in two stage construction of John Hunyadi, the room was "cut" vertically by Gabriel Bethlen creating two shorter levels, each divided into several rooms.

1. Knights Hall and the secret tunnel

Knights Hall is part of the tourist circuit resistance by Corvin Castle. A collection of armor and weapons adorn the walls of the large space on the ground floor the Diet Hall, along with forming the so-called Palace - right side of the bridge, how you look from the city. Both rooms are rectangular and crossed in the middle of a row of five pillars octagonal marble. In addition to the Diet Hall, the Knights have a secret tunnel, which could run those in castle outside the walls.