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Travel Europe Romania Bear Cave - the underground beauty

Bear Cave - the underground beauty

Bear Cave, Romania, Hall view

Bear Cave is one of the largest and most beautiful caves in Romania. Besides the beauty of the cave, its main advantage is that it can easily be visited, are arranged throughout the length open to the public with concrete alleys and interior lights that make great worth.

It was discovered in 1975 during a run to the marble quarry blasting area. It is one of the main sights of the Apuseni Mountains, it being in Bihor County, near the village Chiscau, village Pietroasa, at an altitude of 482 m.
The interior is distinguished by the diversity of existing formations of stalactites and stalagmites, as well as the impressive amount of traces and fossils of cave bear - Ursus Spelaeus - who disappeared 15,000 years ago. Besides they were discovered fossils of chamois, ibex, lion and hyena cave. The cave entrance is a pavilion consisting of a waiting room, ticket office, and a bar, a small museum with cave and a souvenir stand and crafts of the region.

With a length of 1,500 m, the cave consists of galleries located on two levels: the first gallery, the upper length of 488 meters can be visited by tourists, and the second is 521 m long reserved for research scientific.

Gallery top, available visit is composed of three different halls and galleries:

Gallery "Bears" (or Bones gallery);
Gallery "Emil Racovita";
Gallery of "Candles";
Candles Hall;
Spaghetti Hall;
Bones Hall.

Among the formations of stalactites and stalagmites are remarkable magic palaces, lake with water lilies, giant and dwarfs House, curtains Bears Gallery, portal, pagodas and last hall, elders, lit with candles. Cave temperature is constant throughout the year (10 ° C) and humidity is maintained at 97%.

Cave can be reached by train on the railway Oradea - viscous to Beius or Sudrigiu station and from there by public transport, car access is possible on DN 76 Oradea - Deva + DJ 763 Chiscau (14 km ).
Because the cave is very interesting special lighting for photography, so just have to move fast enough that the guide does not really stand behind you. Of course you must have a tripod with you necessarily to capture the magical atmosphere of the cave. The few dollars in addition to the ticket is worth if you want good photos.

If you arrive in the area do not miss the Cave Bear, I will always delight even if you have visited in the past.