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Travel Europe Romania Biertan - the place where haunt Knights

Biertan - the place where haunt Knights

Biertan, Romania, Castle Church panorama

You have to imagine the twelfth century as an era haunted by knights, princesses and secret religious order. You have to imagine that the sword and armor were just as "fashionable" as are today, jeans or the internet. And especially, you have to imagine that people believed in God in some way mystical and devoted which we hardly, it still find in our soul. And yet, if you want to feel on your own skin it means to be medieval warrior and, go on a tour of the Saxon churches of Transylvania.

Churches that raise from time to time by the Transylvanian forests or between communist blocks intact medieval air you'll breathe only when, in advance, you cause a mystical trance. Only so you can easily understand without whine that the medieval church had become a home for Saxons.

Because the appearance of the fortified churches are due to Saxons who populated almost a millennium in the Transylvanian era when men were warriors and horse riders. Can you imagine how you want them because, since, the time it curled and twisted, changed so much that, this time, you may let your imagination do what she want.

On the road between Brasov and Cluj, do not forget to stop at the Church of Biertan. You will find at 80 km from Sibiu on a hill. Built about 800 years ago in the distant XIII century, place of worship of any Biertan not resemble Romanian Orthodox Church.
First, is surrounded by three defensive walls, restored in recent years and beautifully painted. It seems that the Saxons were trying desperately to protect their God against the Roman Balkanism. And yet another is the cause of these strong walls: Tatar and Turkish invasions.

Because of these numerous attempts to conquer the Saxon area, chivalrous spirit has been diluted so much that they found help only from God. Consequently, Biertan actually became what every church should be: a home for all. They hid within the walls Saxons supplies in the famine century had set in throughout Europe and here are isolated from ruthless Tartars.

Nine guard the towers Biertan Church today, which between 1562 and 1876 was the residence of the bishop of the Saxons. But what impressed the representatives of UNESCO, which declared a World Heritage Site in 1993, was the vestry which has 15locks the lock is closed on three directions and are driven simultaneously by a single twist of the key in the lock.