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Bran Castle

Bran Castle, Romania, Castle overview at winter

Resort Bran is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Romania. For Romanian tourists, Bran is an attractive area regardless of time of year: the destination for weekend, holiday celebrations, etc.. For foreigners, Bran Castle is a must see destination, primarily because of its association with the Dracula myth, which is itself an essential attraction of Romanian tourism.

Located 24 km from Brasov, between Tara Barsei region and Tara Romaneasca region, Bran Castle is a destination of tradition in Romania. The region offers a great potential in terms of ethnographic routes which may be presented in various traditional crafts: the loom weaving, wood, wool washing, etc. In this area took place some annual traditional events such as Sheep, Cheese and Smoked Festival, Folk Festival, Snow Holidays, and events for the resort, such as Days of Bran, Bran Castle Fest, etc. Other regions where folk traditions and ethnographic preserve, located near Bran are Moeciu, Cheia, Fundata. Mountain lovers can take advantage of the trouser stone trails in summer.

Bran has plenty to offer accommodation in hostels, from one to five daisies, the hotels (2, 3, 4 stars), guest houses and apartments. Those who want to pay less for a vacation in this destination may choose an offer from a program such as program ANTREC tourism, Holidays in the Countryside.

Bran is not a luxury destination, with hotels as elegant as those in Brasov, but resort has specialized, among others, to offer teambuilding. Fall and spring are ideal times for companies that want to spend a few days or a week in the team, particularly in a natural context. Accommodation units that offer such packages have specific services and facilities: conference rooms, outdoor activities, trainers, etc.

Christmas, New Year, Easter, the resort becomes very lively. Tourists who like a holiday in Romania, with food and traditional music, they find extremely attractive offers in Bran. There are organized bonfires, sleigh or carriage rides, shows and other hills.

Bran Castle is one of the most controversial tourist attractions of Romania. With a long history behind, dating from 1212, used the royal residence for nearly four decades, passed under the authority of the communist regime, returned, challenged or praised both foreigners, and the Romanians officials, the castle continues to arouse the interest of all those who arrive at the resort.

In a top made by an American Magazine, Budget Travel, Castle Bran was selected among the most beautiful castles in the world. Gloomy air of historic monument and a legend of Count Dracula are two basic ingredients that provide the charm of the castle, whisking him fame abroad. Besides beauty, Bran Castle also entered into a top of the world's most expensive residents.