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Travel Europe Romania Bucharest - Little Paris of Eastern Europe

Bucharest - Little Paris of Eastern Europe

Bucharest, Romania, Athenaeum at winter

Bucharest is one of the most controversial cities in Romania because of the many possibilities it offers. And never seems melancholy than the beginning of autumn.
Being the capital naturally became a railway junction, with several stations, North Station, Barasab, Obor. The plane comes on Henri Coanda and Baneasa airports. You may also choose for the many buses that connect major cities such as Constanta and Brasov.

Because it is a very busy city, traffic is infernal on the streets at peak hours. If you travel by car, drive carefully and keep your cool. Morning and evening when the peak period is, indisputably the most rapidly, is subway. Indications on signs are very clear, so you cannot get confused. And if you still want to ask, do it at where they sell cards and subway passes. There is a network of buses and trolleybuses, whose development and quality greatly depends on the area. If you do not feel like paying penalty is better not forget to get your ticket because of Bucharest controls are even very often.

If you have some work in Bucharest a few days or come especially to visit, choose central areas as places to visit. And you can really enjoy, leave aside all criticism of this town because you can see wonderful monuments, houses, streets, parks and museums.

Autumn resumes performances at the Romanian Opera and theaters. Ion Luca Caragiale National Theatre is the largest in the capital and one of the major tourist points. It was inaugurated in late 1852 and is located in the heart of the capital, at the University. Also in September, between 1 and 23 of the month, runs one of the largest festivals in the country, George Enescu Festival.

At Romanian Athenaeum you have opportunity to attend concerts by big names of contemporary music. It is an important event and performances are held with full house. Among the major museums, remember Museum of Art Collections, Theodor Pallady Museum, Romanian Peasant Museum and Village Museum. In the center, at the Unirea must see Metropolitan Cathedral, located on the Metropolitan Hill, where you can take a short walk. One of the most beautiful walks is Herastrau and surrounding areas. The park is huge, surrounding the Lake Herastrau that on summer people is walking, water bicycle or boat. Smooth paths are perfect for bicycle or roller. In the warm days of autumn, when trees get impressive color from rust to gold intense, you can make a very relaxing stroll on Kiseleff and Aviatorilor Boulevards.

Of a sidewalk on both sides are the old trees that form a crown over the head and on the left and right of the street is old houses and embassies. The effect is guaranteed. Picturesque streets, houses in the interwar period and earlier are also found in other areas of Bucharest. Impressive architecture and silence make you forget all the noise and with a bit of imagination you'll think you walked in the past.