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Travel Europe Romania How do you plan a Halloween holiday in Transylvania

How do you plan a Halloween holiday in Transylvania

Halloween Holiday, Brasov, Romania, Bran Castle panorama

Halloween can be an opportunity to make a trip to Transylvania, Dracula. You can discover famous sights such as Bran Castle, but less popular attractions such as Sighisoara house that says he was born Vlad Tepes.

Here's how to plan a holiday Halloween in Transylvania

1. Set the number of days for Halloween holiday

At the end of October those interested in American celebrations can go on a mini holiday for Halloween. A tour of Dracula in Transylvania, can be done in 3 to 7 days, depending on the time available.

2. Set stop towns for Halloween

Main cities are resting for Halloween in Transylvania region: Bran, Brasov, Sighisoara, Cluj Napoca even. A city that is about Vlad Tepes is Bucharest.

3. Set sights to visit on Halloween

The main tourist attraction is visited Bran Castle. In the area every year there are cultural events and Halloween parties, music, costumes and specialty food this holiday. You can go with friends on a visit to the castle. For the time spent here will be even more enjoyable, it is recommended to hire a guide.

Then go to see historical center of Brasov, one of the most beautiful and well maintained medieval towns in Romania. From several points near the old city walls have an impressive view of the Black Church of Brasov. Do not miss Vlad Tepes street, located near Central Square.

Visit Sighisoara, the place where was born Prince that is connected to the name of Dracula. Torture chamber from History Museum is one of the main attractions of the city, especially on Halloween.

Other destinations suitable for Halloween in Romania are places which are said to be haunted. These are Banffy of the fourteenth century castle near Cluj, Poenari of Arges, Hill of Death from Danube Channel, Frasinei Monastery near Ramnicu Valcea.

4. Find holiday deals for Halloween

Owners of guesthouses and hotels have special packages designed for Halloween in Romania. Thus, in a hostel 3 stars from Slanic Prahova, tourists attending dinner with special menu of Halloween witches, carved pumpkins in a competition and a masquerade.

Sighisoara, organized dinners with wine party in Halloween night. Who wants a foray into the medieval history can pay 3 euros for a tour of historic city with toborasul city.

Bran, held music recitals organized by local artists as well as famous artists in Romania, parties with DJs, bonfires and fireworks, with mulled wine and folk. Moreover, tourists can go to a Halloween play. Families with children I can entertain children at parties organized especially for them, with clowns and face-painting.