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Impressive destinations in Romania

Impressive Holiday, Eagle Lake, Siriu, Romania, Overview

If you think of a holiday abroad, you can choose Romania, which boasts hundreds of places that have not been explored yet and probably did not even heard of that.

Lake Ochiul Beiului, Mud Volcanoes or Blue Lake is just some of the wonders you do not have to miss.

Lake Ochiul Beiului

To get here, you have to go through a difficult route through the National Park Nera Beusnita, but when you get there, you realize that all the effort was worth every breath.

Mud Volcanoes

If you get through Buzau, make a detour through Parclele Mici town and Parclele Mari where you will discover a wonder of nature: mud volcanoes.

They are caused by gas coming from the ground, from a depth of over 3 km.

Eagle Lake

Also in Buzau can visit Eagle Lake (named by locals and Bottomless Lake). The lake covers an area of 0.9 acres, has a maximum depth of 2.5 meters and is among the most visited and beautiful places in Romania.

Eagle Lake can be reached through the Black Valley on a trail about 3:00.

Blue Lake

Located on Hill Mine (Baia Sprie, Maramures), Blue Lake is grateful that changes color depending on light intensity. Usually, the lake is very clear and has a deep blue hue.

Waterfall Bigar

Waterfall Bigar was presented as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, a top made by Americans.

Waterfall is in Oravita, in Caras Severin County and it is where 45 degrees parallel north latitude runs.

Comana Natural Park

If you get to Comana Natural Park you will have the opportunity to see Peony Scientific Reserve, Nature Reserve of Thorn and Balta Comana.

The park is often called the second Delta, not only because of the appearance, but also because it protects a very important fauna.

Coman National Park at the address: Str. Gellu Naum, Nr. 608, Comana, Jud. Giurgiu.