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Travel Europe Romania Saturn - Romanian Black Sea resort

Saturn - Romanian Black Sea resort

Saturn, Romania, Sunrise

Romanian seaside resort has a known for that was built next to the beach; the hotels are concentrated at the entrance on the sand: Saturn. If you have not decided yet whether to go on holiday in the resort, here are some arguments to convince you.

Saturn Resort is located one kilometer north of Mangalia and only a few hundred meters from Venus, which connects the resort with a beach. It was built along the beach, so hotels in the area are open directly onto the sand of the seashore.

If you come in this resort, you should know that besides the possibility of beach and bathing in the sea, and you may walk or practicing different sports like volleyball, soccer or tennis. In places you can go bowling for fun or table tennis and evening in the resort you will find clubs and terraces open until late.
You can also go shopping in the resort, but also in surrounding locations where you'll find not only small handicraft shops, but stores of companies known for clothes, sweets and cosmetics.

In addition, you can relax on the terraces in the city, consuming a lemonade in the summer garden area designed several houses in the village or taking holiday table. And if you want the beach, you have the pools of available hotels and villas built in the resort. On the other hand, if you are tempted water sports, you have places where you can practice them.

The resort is built around the beach and small coves of sand to bathe, the hotels are concentrated in this area with sand.
The beach has a length of two kilometers and is only good for sunbathing and thalassotherapy. It has some artificial coves, where you can start the boat. You can try Jet Ski’s, bananas and other incentives travel on water, you can rent from the beach.

In Mangalia beach side has concrete tetrahedral and is easier access to the sea and the width is less than 100 meters, which makes this area, will be crowded with tourists. In the south, one from Venus, the beach width and reach 150 meters, this makes it even better for those who want to stay in the sun.