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Spectacular waterfalls in Romania

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Romanian beauties are not sufficiently promoted, at least not as much as abroad. The World Geography Americans from recently conducted a top of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, and among these is the cascade Bigar from Caras Severin.

Bigar waterfall is located on the 45th parallel and is unique in the way that water flows. Niagara is a marvel of nature, reason for that exceed, in the top made Americans waterfalls like Eternal Flame falls in the U.S., Horizontal Falls in Talbot Bay (Western Australia), Blood Falls (Antarctica) or cascade Hierve El Agua (Mexico).

Bigar is not the only impressive waterfall in Romania. Romania has been blessed with other natural artwork. Here they are!

Waterfall Beusnita

Beusnita Falls is actually a series of waterfalls with a height of 15 meters, which is upstream of Lake Beiului location. Beusnita waterfall is located in the extreme southwest of the country, near Caras-Severin.

Legend says that the waterfall is on the veil in love with the son of a shepherd Beiului.

Waterfall Sipote

In the Trascau Mountains of Alba you can find another impressive waterfall in the country. It is Sipote waterfall, which is 2 km downstream from the village willows.

Waterfall collection includes a basin of water, a river 800 meters long and constructed ponds like dams of lime scale.

Waterfall Urlatoarea

If you get in the logs, specifically in Poiana Tapului would be good to visit Urlatoarea waterfall, located at an altitude of 1,100 meters. To reach the waterfall, you must follow the tourist trail Bucegi Plateau, Valley Jepilor.

The main waterfall is 15 meters high, and besides this there are other smaller waterfalls, held on a stretch of several hundred meters.

Balea Waterfall

This is probably one of the most famous waterfalls in Romania, primarily because the path that leads to the Balea Lac (Transfagarasanul).

Bale is the largest waterfall in steps of our country, with a height of about 60 meters.