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Where to ski in Romania

Ski Location, Predeal, Brasov, Romania, Clabucet slope with tourists

Even if Romania cannot raise standards in terms of ski slopes to the rank of Austrian ski slopes, it is still the easiest solution when you are not willing to pay huge sums of money to practice this sport. In the following we present some of the ski slopes await you to test them this season.


At Straja, Hunedoara County, you get four ski slopes, whose total length is 5 km: Constantinescu Plateau (1741 meters), Slope Wolf (519 meters), Slope Mutu (1269 meters) and the Slope Heavy Channel (1,400 meters).


In 2010, in Neamt County was opened the trail of the massif Cozla. Considered one of the most modern slope in Romania, with a length of one kilometer has chair lift installation, safety nets, posts and railing to protect skiers. To these are added five artificial snow cannons and plant spreads night.


Logs, village visited annually by thousands of tourists, is part of 16 miles of trail. Skiers can choose one of 11 slopes: Babe - Cave (3,000 meters), Boncu (1,600 meters) Logs - Shut Diham (4,000 meters), Chalet Babele (400 meters), Kalinderu (1,500 meters), Piatra Arsa (300 meters), Silva (400 meters), Deer Valley (3,000 meters) Hole Valley (800 meters) or Kalinderu II (1,100 meters).


A journey on skis should not bypass Poiana Brasov tracks, two of the biggest mountain resort in Romania. You can ski on a distance of about 24 kilometers. From all 16 slopes, we recommend Clabucetul from Predeal (2,100 meters) and Red Road (4,600 feet) and the Wolf Slope (2860 meters).


In Caras-Severin, one of the main attractions is the Semenic Mountains, where skiers have four trails: Giant Slalom (1,200 meters), Fir Tree Cross (1,200 meters), Idioti (270 meters) and Groza (700 meters).