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Travel Europe Romania Why visit the monasteries from Moldova

Why visit the monasteries from Moldova

Moldavian Monasteries, Suceava, Romania, Moldovita Monastery outside view

One of the most beautiful and popular areas of Romania, is represented by, Moldavian monasteries. From students to elderly, every summer the area is visited by tourists from country or abroad.

Their fame is explained not only by being concentrated all in the same part of Romania, but their many others attribute that interest to artists and professional people.

How can we reach the monastery?

Monasteries can be visited arriving by train to the nearest cities such as Piatra Neamt. There are special voyages, cars and vans that have that particular route, precisely the way to the religious settlements.

Of course, for those who choose the personal car, is much easier to choose their own program. In addition, almost all travel agencies organize trips to the monasteries. One of the main attractions lies in murals, very famous to the worldwide. The colors attract artists specialized in rebuilding because of their resistance over time despite the weather and the passage of centuries.

Blue of Voronet

This color named as Blue of Voronet is so popular, that it entered into the common language as an expression naming a shade considered by some experts as unique.

It is no wonder, considering that it was found that, it adapts it`s color, depending on the humidity from atmosphere, and is compared with the green of Veronese. Some of the themes appear to have been used for the first time here: Creation, Genesis and Banishment from Paradise. Others are scattered in all churches of Byzantine tradition, treated separately, but while respecting the purpose of preachy the world: the Annunciation, the Last Judgement, Birth of the Saviour and the Saints of the Church.

Things to see:

- Monastery Moldovita
- Sucevita Monastery
- Voronet Monastery
- Humor Monastery
- Arbore Monastery
- Monastery Varatic
- Monastery Putna
- Agapia Monastery

You can choose the route, Sadova to the Obcinele of Bukovina, and from there to visit Moldavita Monastery, Sucevita Monastery, Putna Monastery, Humor Monastery, Arbore Monastery. If you opt for a trip, you have many choices of route available.

It is hardly necessary to take at least each monastery to reveal the charm. This can only be felt on the spot. It is enough to say that tourists enjoy every moment, of the objects of inestimable historical value and artistical, commemoration, embroideries, royal chairs, museums, epitaphs, as can be found in Moldovita, some impressive frescoes on the walls building (Sucevita and Voronet), chapel yard, unique original form (Voronet), uncanonical figures from paintings, laic attitudes, spontaneous, surprising. In addition, it has to be specified that a visit to the monastery during the summer, enjoy the eye by intense green hills, forests, pastures and orchards, which undulate on the horizon in shades of a disturbing beauty.

Who comes from the city, the intensity of natural green inspire more harmony and peace. In many areas, such as the Varatic, village houses have beautifully landscaped gardens, with a lot of flowers in all colors. If you like plants on the road to the monastery you can admire the different varieties.

They almost seem to groan under the weight of petals and are totally different than the flower shops, we are used. Monasteries in Moldova are for entertainment and gossip fans, but for those who want to meditate quietly to really enjoy nature and color. It is a place where you can always come back and that you perceive each time more intense than before.