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Travel Europe Slovenia Bled - a surprisingly beautiful holiday destination

Bled - a surprisingly beautiful holiday destination

Bled, Slovenia, Alps view from the lake

It was once upon a time blue lake with swans, ducks and gondolas with tourists who take their existence in perfect harmony. In lake waters, reflects the sea of green, while the mountain seems to cut the white clouds, incredibly comforting. As in any story, the lake has a castle with pointed towers and red. And in the center it`s an island from where it rises a belfry. It is not a fairy tale. It was once upon a time, Bled, a real holiday destination, in shades of green and blue.

First impression of this resort is "too good to be true." But once you're here, you understand that pictures of these parts are not counterfeit and equally you will understand where it comes from the name "Imago paradise".

Paradise, you immediately experience as a walk to get acquainted with the place. Bled is said that the air here and hot springs have healing effects.
Glacial Lake Bled is the main attraction of the resort. Formed Bohinj glacier, the lake is now part of Triglav National Park, along with the entire resort. To protect it from pollution cannot move on it, but with vehicles equipped with either oars or electric motor.
As it crosses around, you have to go a distance of 6 km. It takes about 4 hours, but the experience was worth it. Along the way you come across traditional gondolas, "Pletna" became a symbol of Bled. Another type of boats that can take a stroll on the lake is the Swan Boats.

You can stop in a souvenir shop or one of the few terraces that exist along the lake. The smell of wood, light rustle lake that changes from moment to moment, silence and the air itself is alluring and deeply relaxing.

From early morning until late at night you can hear the church bell found on the island. Once you visit the island, find out why the bell is heard so often. Assumption Church is attractive for tourists not only because of the architectural elements but also the bell. They say you have to put a wish and call the bell three times for it to be carried to heaven. Another legend is connected with the church ladder. Traditionally, the groom is said to have to carry the bride in his arms, climbing the 99 steps leading to the church. In exchange for this effort they will be happy in love.
Bled Castle Lake is another attraction that should not be missed. Bled Castle is the oldest castle in Slovenia. It was first mentioned in a document since 1011. You can visit the museum and you can have dinner in the castle restaurant. One of the most important values held by the castle is 500 years old printing press. From the terrace you have a beautiful panorama of the castle that you can hardly come off.

In a simple walk through the resort you cannot overlook the cleanliness perfect, high degree of civilization of the people and also their hospitality.

Near the lake, ducks and swans will always see who spend quiet life, undisturbed by tourists. While making a panoramic photo, such a duck may occur in snap. Salt water directly on the sidewalk these birds are looking for a place in the grass somewhere nearby to sleep with total indifference that you're around. Even along the terraces overlooking the lake, these birds wander freely, a sign that they feel threatened.

Bled is a member of the Alpine Pearls, a travel association whose principal purpose is to promote tourism with minimal effects on the environment (Sustainable Tourism). Tourist destinations that are part of this organization must be accessible by train, so visitors are encouraged to use this means of transport less polluting than private car use. Destination in question has at least minimum environmental standards and offers activities and programs that include environmental protection.
If the '90s were the main tourists coming from Britain, after the devaluation of sterling majority of those who spend holidays in Bled come from Italy. Other tourists are Germans, Irish, Austrian, etc.

However, approximately 15 travel agencies in the region continue to invite tourists to discover the natural wealth of the area through organized excursions. Moreover, the resort is extremely tender in holiday activities. Natural beauty of the place causes even the most sedentary tourists to gather courage and energy to use in a healthy way. You can do cycling, golf, paragliding, horse riding, rafting, canoeing, swimming, tennis, walking or hiking in the mountains so simple. And a very special experience, there are balloon rides.
In summer, the streets can go tobogganing hill, a fun sport for both adults and children. Those who give gladly winter ice will surely be delighted with the speed that bears little cars on the track of 520 meters. The difference in altitude is 131 feet.

Shopping enthusiasts can be easily disappointed. Bled is not the kind of city malls and other centers like this. In fact, Bled is one of the few municipalities that have a shopping center. However you find small shops, both in the center and in remote areas like those around the lake. Shops are generally oriented towards tourists. However you find a wide range of products, from decor to books or wine.

And if you want a great product, look for stalls on the lake. Here you can meet Slovenian artists, come in Bled to sell creations of hand-painted glass. Prices vary. Slovenia has a very strong glass industry. These products are made here in Slovenia and have specific reasons for this country, such as carnation. Glass vases are made of solid heavy glass, so can be used as usual containers for flowers, but also candles. Because of height, you can and put the candle inside and will be protected from wind. That vase is done in 24-48h.