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Travel Europe Slovenia Maribor - European Cultural Capital in 2012

Maribor - European Cultural Capital in 2012

Maribor, Slovenia, Grape fields and vineyards

Those wishing to spend the holiday, in the next European Cultural Capital, should reach to Slovenia. Maribor is an internationally acclaimed destination. Town is in the northern Slovenia and it is known as place which is the oldest vineyard in the world.

According to organizers, as a result of this likely to be European Cultural Capital, Maribor will use the rich cultural life as a springboard for the city to become a real European metropolis and art center. It also wants to attract tourists, and young people eager to join the artistic community of the city.

Maribor, a city of wine

Maribor is the second largest city in Slovenia. Small and picturesque city is surrounded by green landscapes of the Pohorje region, the hills with groves and grape-vine is crossed by the river Drava. Besides the long tradition of wine art, the city benefits from an old area with impressive historical buildings, medieval towers, a cathedral and a castle named after city.

Culinary experience is one of the attractions of the city. Wineries, restaurants and festivals offer numerous opportunities to discover local culture and products. In addition, the city offers the possibility to practice sports such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, rafting, etc. Thermal centers and spas are other possibilities for leisure.

Above the town Maribor, at an altitude of 336 meters, is the nearest resort for ski and snowboard, Maribor Pohorje. Ski season lasts more than 3 months, and the slopes are equipped with snow cannons. The highest peak in Maribor Pohorje reaches a height of 1347 meters. The resort offers its guests cable car, chairlifts, ski lifts and ski schools.