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Travel Europe Slovenia Portoroz - Port of Roses from the coast of Slovenia

Portoroz - Port of Roses from the coast of Slovenia

Portoroz, Slovenia, Panorama

Portoroz is the most important seaside resort located on Slovenia. Small and stylish, the resort attracts tourists from everywhere, eager to take advantage of good beaches and nightlife here. At a distance of about an hour, you can get in Croatia and Italy nearby.

The resort is frequented by young and old alike, the rich tourists, as well as "weekend tourists". From this point of view, Portoroz has a precise orientation, but has earned the reputation of the most popular coastal resort of Slovenia. It is the ideal location for those willing to go to sea in a civilized place where you can get so quiet and relaxing, and a lot of fun. Also, Portoroz is a smart choice for those who want to do things and see many places on holiday, including trips two or three nearby countries.

City has something for everyone: modern clubs for young people eager for entertainment, playground for family, great for couples in love landscapes, etc. The disadvantage is that the resort is very small and is practically glued to other resorts. Slovenia has only 40 km of coast so that seaside resorts have very small dimensions.

On the other hand, Portoroz is a great offer as holiday activities and places to see. Surroundings can be visited one of the largest parks with statues in Europe and a unique fish farm. Also from Portoroz you can reach in 10 minutes to Piran, one of the most romantic and bohemian cities of Slovenia.
In addition, those who are staying on the Slovenian coast can combine this vacation trips at least two other countries, Croatia and Italy nearby. Those interested in discovering the capital has to go just an hour on the highway to get to Ljubljana. Slovenes like to joke, saying that for them everything is close. And when it finds that the test is not a boast.

Besides exceptional stretch and positioning small resort, Portoroz is also different from other European seaside resorts and other issues. For example, encourages environmentally friendly by offering bonuses and discounts. The beach is civilized, clean and well organized no vendors or loud music. Missing, small shops with water and other inflatable objects such small things that you expect to give close to water.

Instead, a black ball receives this resort due to lack of super or mini-markets. If you stand in the center, you are obliged to walk about 2 km or to have your own car to reach the only store where you can buy plain water, which, in hotels, is more expensive. Otherwise find a few shops with clothes, shoes, bags and frozen. At the beginning of June, it closes until 22:00; therefore, Portoroz is an attractive destination for shopping. Ina year, restaurants are closing early. But food is very tasty, much of it based on seafood. But unlike the Triglav mountain resorts in the area, prices are higher in Portoroz, as atop resort on the coast.

Portoroz is a very busy resort, even in periods when you cannot do another dip in the sea. In extra season, most tourists are elderly, eager to enjoy spa resort offer. In fact, in the beginning it was made known as a spa treatment area, much later became a holiday destination for beach and bathing in the sea.
The tourist season is the summer months from June to August. In particular, the last two months are the busiest, tiny resort turns into a hive of activity.

Hotels in the resort are the first line, located along the coast and those on the hills, enjoying the spectacular view of the sea. You can choose one of the hotels LifeClass, positioned next to the beach. For those who want to stay in a luxurious Kempinski Palace is the right choice. There are here the beginnings of tourism in the region; Kempinski has a long history behind. Prices lower are the hotels like Fiesa or Marco.