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Christmas markets in Europe - Barcelona

Christmas market, Barcelona, Spain, El Caga Tio

Barcelona is a touristic attraction regardless of the season. The Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, The Basilica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Familia, The Park Guell, The Arc de Triomf, The Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor are just some of the reasons to visit this wonderful city.

The tradition of Christmas markets in Barcelona dates since at least 1786. If you expect to find mulled wine and fried sausages, as in Christmas markets in Germany, you will be disappointed. In Barcelona others are the stars.

Actually in Barcelona are several Christmas markets, the most famous are the Fira de Santa Llucia and the one near Sagrada Familia. Over 300 stalls expects buyers. Christmas trees, mistletoe, wreaths, poinsettias, handmade decorations, toys, fruits, sweets, food. The most popular are items that you need for Nativity scene - El Pessebre Nadal. You can find figurines, cribs, fountains, huts, palm trees, moss, everything you need to create a successful scene.

The main characters of Christmas fair are El Caganer and El Caga Tio. El Caganer (The Pooper) is a figure depicting a character with his pants down. It symbolizes fertility and it should be hidden in Nativity scene, as far away from the cradle.

Original figurine is a peasant with a red hat, but today can be seen in the form of many celebrities. El Caga Tio (The Poop Log) is a hollow logs, with legs made from branches and a smiley face. Traditionally, it is filled with sweets or gifts, and on Christmas Day is hit with sticks by children singing a song, as log to poop gifts.