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Travel Europe Spain Discover delicious dishes from Seville

Discover delicious dishes from Seville

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Seville is known as a destination with the best "tapas bar" most romantic festivals, the most impressive Holy Week (Semana Santa) and the nightlife developed in Andalusia. Besides its impressive architecture with Romanesque elements, Islamic, Gothic and Renaissance, Seville seduces with its delicious cuisine, perfumed with aromas coming from Arab nations and the Mediterranean civilizations. Discover Seville delicious dishes!

Kitchen Seville

Seville is based cuisine food home with simple and delicious recipes that reflect the lifestyle of people in the region. For the Arabs, the inhabitants Seville took spices and herbs such as garlic, coriander, fennel, parsley. You can start the morning with a 'cafe con leche' (coffee with milk) and a mollette - a toast with olive oil, tomatoes and garlic.

What to eat in Seville

If lunch at the restaurant in Seville, to start ordering gazpacho, a cold tomato soup. Soup is tasty and perfect as an appetizer. Also you can order eggs flamenco appetizer, cooked in tomato sauce bark.

If you like salads, one of the most popular dishes is ensaladilla Sevillana, the potato salad. The main course try cocido Andalusian stew with peas and other vegetables.

Another option to eat in town and an experience worth trying is to do a tour of specialized tapas bars. Seville is one of the top destinations to try the famous Spanish snacks.

Visit several tapas bars offer guests the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes and also to form a full meal in small portions and numerous. Also, tapas are an ideal opportunity to socialize.

Tapas are made with different ingredients, from prosciutto and cheese over the vinegar. You can try lomo mechado, meat snack, tortilla patatas, the potato, soldaditos of Pavia, preparation of fish and flour.

Sweets in Seville have Moorish influences. Prepared with honey, the sweet desserts may contain homemade marmalade, sweet wine, almonds, oranges etc. Borrachuelos are some of the most popular sweets made with honey, anise and orange.