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Travel Europe Spain Madrid - the highest capital of Europe

Madrid - the highest capital of Europe

Madrid, Spain, Palacio Real

Madrid is not only the capital of Spain, but also the capital of the province and autonomous community of Madrid. The settlement is the third most populated capital in the EU after London and Berlin.

Located in the center of the Iberian Peninsula, on the River Manzanares and at an altitude of more than 650 meters, Madrid, located on Castilian plateau, is the highest capital of Europe and is the perfect combination of high altitude and mountain breezes, which generates a unique atmosphere.

Madrid is a city full of life and light, a hospitable location, full of cafes and restaurants, theaters and nightclubs. Madrid is the world capital of bullfighting, and stores here are among the finest in Europe.

Both the city and its inhabitants, is distinguished by extreme, exactly, as the weather which is usually either too hot or too cold. While infrastructure is very modern, Madrid does not lack of old-fashioned atmosphere full of history. Among the highlights representative include: Royal Palace, Royal Theatre, Buen Retiro Park, founded in 1631, the National Library in 1712, and three absolutely beautiful museums, called "golden triangle" with the Prado collection of fine art world, Queen Sofia Art Centre and Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum, housed in the renovated Villahermosa palace.

Residents of Madrid are very pious in church, but at the same time they are also striptease amateurs, sometimes "kissing of hands politeness" beat the law of the jungle, which in another area (for example, local system of transportation on the peak hours) is one who imposes the supremacy. Routine of the inhabitants of Madrid is influenced by climate - given the afternoon heat, "siesta" has become a tradition: almost all small businesses take a break of several hours.

Madrid is a city famous for its nightlife and its discos - the highest number of bars per capita. For most of Madrid inhabitants is not uncommon to dance all night and then in the morning to go to work - this is the reason why city residents are called "Gatos" - cats. Madrid during the summer offers a lot of festivals and shows sponsored by the city hall - take the newsstand "Guia del Ocio" for the current schedule of concerts, films and shows.

Madrid's nightlife can be divided into areas: Plaza Mayor / Puerta del Sol is the most popular location, streets Cava de San Miguel, Cava Baja and Cava Alta is full of bars. Gran Via is known for cinemas and theaters, and to Plaza de Isabel II area / to Plaza de Oriente are many restaurants. Chueca is a district where gay life takes place, especially on the streets Hortaleza, Infantas, Barquillo and San Lucas. Perhaps the liveliest area at night is Arguelles / Moncloa, where many clubs and fast food are, sites that meet students.

Madrid has enough museums to keep a tourist busy throughout the holiday, but should not be overlooked the surrounding regions, with magnificent views.