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The magic of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain, Statue guarding the city at night

Barcelona is known first and foremost for the architecture of Antoni Gaudí buildings, which are coloring the Catalan capital. Whether it's the buildings, people or life, Barcelona is so much everything, not knowing what to consider, or what would go next. The city to steal all the attention.-b- Memorable encounter to mind visions, smells, tastes and sounds. And a feeling that must come back.

Stay a week or a weekend

Barcelona is able to easily access over the weekend, but the city has so much to watch, it would be almost a shame to visit there just briefly. Self-trip planning and booking support. By comparing the flight and hotel prices can be traveled to reach rates each. During summer months, cheap flights and hotels finding could, however, happen to be challenging.

Gaudia and much more

Barcelona, located in the southern part of Montjuic is a good place to start a tour of the city, and the prospects down to the harbor are spectacular.
More than 200 meters above sea level rising a hill in Barcelona, the largest recreational area museums, art galleries, gardens, and nightclubs. Is also located at the top of a huge 1700-century castle. Especially on weekends the local like to spend time in Montjuic, the hill is a great place for a picnic and relax.

Barcelona's old town

Old Town, the Gothic Quarter, Barcelona's oldest area of blocks, the port, the 1700s set up a former fishing village of Barceloneta beach and the new buildings. Barcelona's old town center is dominated by a magnificent Gothic cathedral and the little streets and squares formed by the labyrinthine maze. The famous La Rambla splits this medieval downtown area. Axis leading to the historic park on the street is enough bustle around the clock, and is lined with newsagents, flower shops, street musicians and other entertainers.
Old Town is sufficient to cool the buildings countless up. Barcelona Cathedral, in addition to checked are worth at least the city's favorite church Basílica Santa Maria del Mar, 1300 Century City Casa de la Ciutat, stunning and ornate music palace Palau de la Música Catalana and Antoni Gaudí's Palau Güell. During the tour, for example, can also walk in the 1992 Olympic Games, built by Port Olímpic, Barceloneta to the old fishing village of La Rambla, or away, but the marina.
Art Nouveau and Gaudi architecture, the huge
Eixample in Barcelona can be found in the growing season's finest and most interesting buildings, most of whom represent the ornate Art Nouveau style. Barcelona, claimed to be more Art Nouveau buildings than any other European city, and in the Eixample district, it passes it can be imagined to be true.
Eixample Barcelona undoubtedly steal the attention the main building, the breathtaking Sagrada Familia. This is strange, Antoni Gaudí unfinished church is an artist's life's work and the culmination of a symbol of Barcelona. Controversial finish to the building almost a hundred years after the death of the artist. Sagrada Familia, cannot be ignored. Every tourist wants to see it absolutely. The church can be accessed on a guided tour, and choose a lift can rise to bell towers peek in closer to striking the inside of the building.

Antoni Gaudi certainly of interest to other buildings in the Casa Batlló and La Pedrera. Casa Batlló colorful apartment building is said to describe the Holy Yrjänää killing a dragon. Roof recalls the dragon's back and the balconies representing the victims' skulls. Casa Milan incredible living in the house are all typical characteristics of Gaudille, undulating facade and roof bizarre. Both houses can be accessed inside, though tickets prices are not the cheapest to get, and at worst will have to wait in a long time.
A bit outside the downtown one absolute place to visit is designed by Antoni Gaudí's psychedelic Parc Güell, which was built in Barcelona, the surrounding hills. This joyous garden area with colorful mosaic decoration, Barcelona is probably one of the places photographed. Park Guell is a sunny day, a great place to make a small trip.

Getting around in Barcelona

Barcelona's city center is compact, and the attractions of a relatively small area. You can walk everywhere, and at the same time you can enjoy the architecture and atmosphere of the city. Five-line subway network is a convenient, fast and easy to use, and the bus network covers the whole city. The near-cities, such as Sitges and Figueres are good train and bus connections. But who would want out of Barcelona, where there already has everything?

Catalan cuisine

Food is an important place in every heart of the Catalan. Catalan cuisine age-old traditions persist in small families, rotating restaurants, authentic tapas bars and especially the city's first-class commercial arcades and squares. Although the Catalan cuisine is experimental, it is basically a simple and based on local, high-quality raw materials.
Catalans dried meats and sausages are known throughout Spain. Pork is in almost every grocery list. Barcelona is, however, specializes in seafood. Tapas bars often get mouth-watering sardines, or grilled shrimp. Fish are often made of grilled or a sauce. Son of the ride can be enjoyed even the excellent sparkling cava.
Be no surprise that Barcelona is the right destinations that paradise. The city is full of tempting restaurants, tapas bars and street kitchens. Although the price is reasonable, typically restaurants are Las Ramblas. Sponsor find themselves in a little aside. One of the most idyllic places in eating is an old city with narrow alleys conceal uncovers cozy little restaurants.

Night life

Entertainment venues in Barcelona to suit all tastes, bars, discos, jazz spots and places of traditional dance in a nightclub. Popular nightlife areas are in addition to the old town center and the Olympic Port junction with its many restaurants and pubs. The city is always so interesting concerts, events, or theater and opera performances in favor of the radar before the trip.