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Travel Europe Spain The pinnacle of style - Mezquita Catedral

The pinnacle of style - Mezquita Catedral

Cordoba, Spain, Mezquita Catedral, Panoramic view

The second largest mosque in the world is in Spain. The Great Mosque of Cordoba, the Mezquita (Spanish for mosque), is one of the most spectacular buildings in the world. It has a curious mix of architectural styles and beliefs.

The Mezquita is the place where initially a Roman temple stood, and then a Christian church of the Visigoths-b-. This was demolished in order to build the mosque. Construction began in 784 at the request of the first Muslim Emir of Cordoba, Abd ar-Rahman the first, and lasted more than two centuries. Roman and Visigothic remains were used in the construction. After the Spanish Reconquista, the building was converted into a church with a Gothic cathedral in the middle of the Moorish design. Today it is a Roman Catholic cathedral .

The mosque underwent some changes after it was built and the first significant increase in the mosque took place between 833 and 852. Between 961 and 966, the new mosque with a minaret and the mosque in 987 were expanded for the last time. The later adjustment led to the current size of the building. Then in 1236 Cordoba was re conquered by the Christians, they changed not initially on the building, which moreover do as a church has been started. Only in 1523 was under Charles V began construction of a baroque cathedral, designed by Herman Ruiz, inside the mosque. Until the late eighteenth century architects continued to add sections to the Mezquita, so it is an architectural curiosity.

Today, the great mosque is a mishmash of architectural styles. The map is approximately 175 to 130 meters. The mosque consists of a prayer room with a rectangular courtyard before. This courtyard is quite large relative to the prayer hall, as if believers also prayed the prayer hall was full. Today, the prayer hall 115 x 130 meters and adds them 606 columns and is characterized by the numerous arcades. She is 19 beech wide and 35 bays long. It seems the mosque on a large version of a Roman basilica where included a whole forest of columns. The building has more than 1,000 columns of jasper, onyx, marble and granite. The columns in the hall were initially not high enough for such a large space. The solution had two superimposed arches that support the flat ceiling. The arch stones are alternately red and white.

Overall, the large mosque with law, are big with the total area of over 20,000 square meters. Inside the mosque is still a baroque cathedral dating from the sixteenth century. Besides the mosque houses an octagonal room with three domes, each constructed from eight intersecting arches that form a star. This is the mihrab, the prayer niche indicating the direction of Mecca. Remarkably, the mihrab in the mosque indicates the direction to the south.

The mosque is considered the pinnacle of style, from the Umayyad seen, and is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Spain. The Great Mosque of Cordoba states since 1984 on the World Heritage List of UNESCO.