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The most beautiful places to visit in Ukraine

Ukraine Beautiful Places, Odesa, Ukraine, Port aerial view

Ukraine co-hosts the 2012 European Football Championship (Euro 2012), for that the city will look better than ever.
If you plan to arrive this year in Ukraine, would be good to make a list of the most fascinating places in the country.
Ukraine is a country with a fascinating history and culture, and Kiev, the capital of Ukraine is truly unforgettable.

1. Belgorod - Dnestrovsky

This small town is one of the oldest locations in Ukraine. Belgorod was built since the same period with Athens, Rome and Jerusalem. Greek merchants living there in the early 6th century and began to develop the city.

Now Belgorod is a masterpiece of medieval towers and recognize for its secret passages.

2. Kiev

Kiev has about 3 million inhabitants and is the capital of Ukraine. The city is a bustling metropolis which has stunning artwork, impressive cultural places such as the National Opera, St. Sophia Cathedral and St. Andrew Church.

The town hosts regular art shows and the city is full of historical and cultural spaces.

3. Odessa

Odessa is often called the Pearl of the Sea because it is a bustling city, which is exactly at Black Sea coast. The city has about 200 years, so it is quite modern. This does not mean that you can not find historical attractions such as Odessa Deribasovskaya Odessa Opera and Arcadia beach Potemkin.

4. Lviv

Lviv is a city popular since the middle Ages, due to its strategic location on the trade route between the Black Sea and Baltic Sea. The city is a location that is part of world heritage, and the ex-Soviet community.