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The Rock of Scotland - Edinburgh Castle

Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, United Kingdom, night view

Edinburgh Castle dominates the city of Edinburgh with over a thousand years of history. It is an ancient fortress built on volcanic rock, which served as a military base.

More than one million visitors a year visit Edinburgh Castle. They are rewarded with magnificent views in all directions. In sunny days, north can see in the distance the mountains of the Kingdom of Fife.

The castle has ten entrance gates and never those who tried to conquer the castle did not come until the last. In front of the castle is a long sloping yard, known as the Esplanade. The paving of the courtyard has large stones for people and small stones for horses.

The One o’clock Gun is fired every day at 13:00 hours (except Sundays and some days of the year), now symbolically. Formerly it was coming to the aid of vessels at sea to guide them how and when to enter the port.

Here is a Scottish National War Memorial, where there are records of all the soldiers who fought in the two world wars. Opposite is the former ballroom, The Great Hall, whose walls are decorated with swords, spears, shields and spears.
In this area there is also The Royal Palace, where were the royal apartments.
On the first floor is the Crown Jewels room, which houses the crown, scepter and royal spear. Near Royal Palace, in a building basement is Stone of Destiny, where all the kings of Scotland were crowned.

National War Museum houses all Scottish military history. You can admire paintings of important figures during the war, weapons, clothing and uniforms of different military functions and ranks, medals. Scots are proud of their heroism and that always struggled in the first line to prove their courage and manhood.

Regimental Museum is dedicated to The Royal Scots Dragon Guards, housing data, information and even a prison in the basement meant for deserters.

In the Prison of War were kept prisoners many French, Spanish, Americans, Norwegians, Danes and pirates of the Caribbean in the early eighteenth century. Inside you can see how the food rations were based on prisoners nationality, or objects made by prisoners. Detention facility were organized depending on prisoners nationality.

In the highest part of the castle is St. Margaret Chapel, a very small church, the oldest building in the castle. It is the only one that has survived wars, dating from the early twelfth century.

In front of the chapel is a huge cannon with a large collection of cannonballs, that mule around 150 kg each and that could reach a distance of about 3 km.